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Zoara Loose Diamond Purchase


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Has anyone have had any experience purchasing a loose diamond from Zoara.com?

I recently purchased a loose diamond from them last Fri. Sept. 29th.  Used multiple credit cards with different amounts to make the purchase and everything seemed to go smoothly.   They even guaranteed that my diamond would arrive by Oct. 5th the latest which was good because I'm having Jared's custom make a setting for the diamond and that will be done on the 5th as well.  I'm also planning on proposing on the 6th in Vegas where both our families will be at an event (bad timing I know).  

  Anyway,  I thought everything was going to plan then I get a call this morning Oct. 2nd from the same sales rep. who has been assisting me informing me that the verification process did not work on the CC with the biggest amount did not go through and recommended an option for Bank Wire.  I thought this was very odd cause 1) I provided the small amount deposits for each CC they placed on each card for verification and, 2) why wait the whole weekend to tell me when I obviously made it apparent I was on a time constraint.   This raised a lot of red flags in my head and got me very disappointed & stressed cause now I'm not very optimistic the diamond will not come in time.

I told the rep. That I would call the bank to see if they could do a wire transfer using a credit card,  I'm wasn't sure how it worked but apparently there is a 5% charge since it acts like a cash advance which is a good amount of $$$ for this type of purchase!  Zoara gives 1.5% discount on bank wires which only alleviates a little of the extra costs for a cash advance bank wire.  So I called the rep. back telling him bank wire is 100% not an option for me and basically gave him an ultimatim if he can't give me any other options to purchase the diamond other than bank wire then I'll be forced to cancel the whole order immediately and ask for a full refund.  He said that he would speak with their billing department and call me back.  Calls me back in 15 mins. saying they have an option for me, they can move forward with the purchase with the CC for the big amount but if I could wire transfer the medium amount I used on another CC that they would refund ($2100 to be exact).   This raised another red flag, why are they being so pushy for a wire transfer?  It all seems very odd and skeptical.  He gave me some vague reason of them needing at least one wire transfer amount to verify my purchase.  So why do the small amount deposits and have me verify that if that doesn't suffice?  He really couldn't give me a straight answer so I told him I would get working on it and give him a call back but in the back of my mind I was really worried I was getting scammed.

So I started doing some research on the web (I know I know I should've done this prior to semi-purchasing the diamond) and for the most part on initial look most reviews look good, then you start diving deeper and the bad review all have a similar horror story to mine with the CC verifications and also them not receiving their product in weeks/months and asking for a refund and not seeing the money hit their acct in what seems to be a long time.  Also see comments that Zoara has ppl post fake good reviews which I'm sure a lot of scam companies do these days.  So now I don't know who to beileve or what to do.

The rep. assured me that if I could get the wire transfer taken care of today or tom. Oct. 3rd.  He assured me it would ship the 4th and arrive overnight on the 5th, which is cutting it close with all this uncertainty.  This is the biggest purchase of my life and ultimately know it's my fault cause I should've prepared sooner and I truly regret it but I need to act fast and figure something out!  I'm looking at two options by the morning:

1)  I get that wire transfer taken care of early in the AM tom. Of $2100 and hope that is enough verification to seal the deal and pray that they keep their word and deliver on time no later than the 5th.


2)  I cancel the whole order and tell them to refund me all the money on all the cards I used and try to find another diamond quickly.  God knows how long it will take for that money to be credited back to my acct and if I'll even be able to use the same cards to make a purchase anywhere else for a diamond.  This option also sucks cause I was already charged $480 for a foreign transaction fee from my bank which I know they will not refund me.

Please I need help/advice and need it quick as I'll be going forward with one of the two options above early tom. morning.  If anyone has any insight on Zoara and how legit they are please comment with your experience.  Please no trollers telling me how dumb I am, I really don't need that right now.

Please help!  A proposal to the love of my life and an amazing woman that has given me the world and I just want to give it back in the form of a diamond depends on it...

Thanks for reading this!

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You have done enough research to find out things that I for one was not aware of - while Zoara was not a particularly "loved" supplier, they were classed as reliable in my diary. They no longer are - at the very least there is now a question mark, so thank you for posting.

There's plenty of diamond dealers out there, and they all have access to mostly the same diamonds; all take credit cards (and all will give you some rebate on the credit card commission, at the price of you losing your strongest ally if anything goes wrong). Zoara's behaviour is definitely odd, and it looks as if they are having cash flow problems. I don't think you'd get totally scammed (as in: out of cash and out of diamond), but this is not likely to work out in your favour either from a timing or financial perspective - and possibly both.

If I were you, I would cancel the Zoara order, and either:

1. Find something that can be delivered in 2-3 days from another seller with unsullied reputation (which is going to be tough; Jared will need time to get things sorted at their end too, and then the ring needs to get to Vegas from wherever it is) and put it on ONE single credit card transaction, or

2. give yourself some time to sort this out properly. If you don't want to postpone the proposal, get a temporary ring in silver for a couple of hundred $ (Tiffany have some nice ones - yes, you'll "overpay" but it will look nice and it certainly won't disappoint anyone receiving it) and tell your lady that you both will look for and choose her diamond together - at the end of the day she will be the one wearing the ring, and the last thing you want is for her to be in the least disappointed.

If an element of surprise is still wanted, you can always work on the basis of getting a shortlist of options for the centre stone from which you choose (or if she wants a total surprise you can just keep going from where you are!).

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Nothing to add to the above but I do see one more risk here.  Jareds.  They’re a fine company but it is not 100% that this mounting will be perfect the first go around.  Stuff happens in the world of custom manufacturing. They’re making a mounting for a stone that they haven’t seen and complications are common.  More importantly, you’re planning on having them set the stone instantly when that center stone shows up.  They may not have the same plan.  Usually there's at least a couple of days here. Your timeline is tight, and it’s getting tighter as we type.  Make sure they’re on board with it.


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3 hours ago, PatrickSaada said:

Custom manufacturing indeed poses a lot of challenges. Some of these challenges have already been experienced by the most notable diamond companies like De Beers and Petra Diamonds. There's no point in hurrying while comparing and choosing a reliable custom manufacturer.

Except that in the case of the OP there was considerable hurry...

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