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Round 1.2 Carat advice


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Hello All, 

First time buyer for an engagement diamond.  The diamond should be in within a week or so, and I can change it out if i don't like the look of it.  My only concerns (without seeing it yet) are the strong florescence and the inclusions (cavity/feather/knot) .   Everything I've read says <1% of diamonds with strong florescence have any issues, and that inclusions on a VS2 rarely cause durability issues.  Other than that, it seems like the diamond specs/price are ideal.  Ex cut/polish/symmetry and the angles/depth are all really ideal for what i was looking for.  Can anyone chime in on the florescence/inclusions? 

1.2 carat / G color / VS2 / 

Table 55% / Depth 61.9% / Pavilion Angle 40.6% / Crown Angle 34.5 %

Slightly Thick girdle / Strong Blue Florescence 



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VS (and SI) inclusions by definition do not impact durability, no matter what they are. The question is the extent to which they are visible with the naked eye, and the extent to which any visibility bothers you (related but distinct issues). This is not something that can be judged from a photo (or five) - the only reliable way to do it is to have the stone, and preferably for YOU to have the stone and make up your own mind. FWIW, chances are the inclusions here are totally not visible without tools, but that's just an educated guess.

To some extent, the same applies to fluorescence: yes, haziness caused by it is a rare phenomenon, but it does happen. Detecting it is very easy - but again it requires having the stone in hand.

Does the vendor offer a return period? At what conditions? If not, I would think twice unless I can see the stone in person.

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Thanks for the feedback. The vendor does offer a return period. I also just had to put down a $500 deposit and if I’m not satisfied for any reason, I can choose a new stone. 

From a price point this one was almost 1k less than any others of comparable specs. Just made me nervous being such a good deal. Figured I’d ask and read some more to help ease my mind. :) 

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Choosing a new stone from the same dealer is not exactly what I would call ideal (or even "good") as a return policy, but if you are happy with it...

Whether this is "a deal" depends on whether you like it and what did you choose for comparable: $1k less than an otherwise identical stone without fluorescence is actually a "normal discount" for strong fluorescence; same for a marginally visible inclusion vs. a completely clean stone. $1k vs. other strongly fluorescent stones may be "a deal" or it may be a sign that the stone's transparency or colour grade is affected.

So... good luck, and let us know what happens!

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Well, everyone who works in diamonds has access to the same ton of options; in fact if you check the database on this site, it's not uncommon to find the same stone advertised at slightly different prices by 2, 3 or even half a dozen retailers... precisely for that rea\son, I would not consider dealing with someone that ties me in to "store credit".

(And in fact this post is meant more for people who may be reading this thread at some later point: do NOT let yourselves be convinced that you need to pay a deposit to see a diamond or that once you have chosen a vendor then you need to stick with them; there are plenty of people that deal on different and more favourable terms).

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