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Hi all

Just after some info on the below ring.

What would you say is an approx size of the stone ( I know an actual size wouldn't be possible without seeing it )

I know price would also depend on the colour and clarity but does anyone have an approximate value? (GBP would be great but I can always work it out from $)






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As Furquan says, it is virtually impossible to give you any feedback based on a picture. We don't know the size, color or clarity. The only thing we can tell you with confidence is that the shape is a princess cut. Because of screen colors and white balance I can't even tell if the metal is white or rose. I highly recommend finding a local independent appraiser. They would be able to give you a much more accurate assessment. 

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One more aspect to all of this - when you speak of "value", it's important to realise that the resale value won't be the same as the price you would expect to pay for this in a high street store. If you do go to an appraiser, make sure that he/she understands what "value" you are interested in:

* Resale to a consumer
* Resale to a jeweller
* Part exchange
* Fair retail value (and in which market? Tiffany and Cartier are not the same as Joe's Jewellery on the corner)
* Insurance value
...and so on.

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