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Worth the money?


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My financee wants a round solitaire engagement ring (around a carat) but everything we've come across is way beyond my budget. I found an oval solitaire that's a little under a carat and when i spoke to customer service they said an oval cut can look much bigger than a round. Is that true? This is the ring:


and is it worth the money?

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Yes it is true that generally ovals face up larger than rounds of the same weight. Whether they look as nice depends on two main factors:

1. Whether they are cut well. Ovals, unlike rounds, are not graded for cut in any reliable, widespread way, which leaves you open to getting a stone that may face up quite large, but may be dark, lifeless or looking very uneven (or all three at once).

2. Whether you (she) like the look. An oval - no matter how well cut - will not look like a round (though it may well look very nice and some people may prefer it to a round).

All this said, beware of stones that are completely ungraded by a lab, unless you know and trust the vendor (and beware of "sale prices" giving unlikely discounts: Blue Nile's average gross margin is ~20%; these guys are promising a 25% discount: either their margins are waaaay higher than they should be, or something else is amiss).

If you are thinking of spending €7,000 or so for a 1 carat round and a plain 18 kt gold solitaire like the one you linked above, you should be able to get it from a reputable vendor for that price or little more.

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I probably should have cleaned the stones off before snapping a shot, but here is an AGS 0 1.01 round stone next to a very well cut 1.03ct oval ( D62.1 T55).  There is a slight color difference between the stones (OV is D and BR is J).

Bottom line: well cut 1ct round vs well cut 1ct oval.  Which one looks bigger?59bc2a099462f_1000x72-IMG_2047-.jpg.5725826fc1eac2e29e47f7acbfe6446e.jpg

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The oval is a hair shallow actually.  I prefer them in the 63 to 66% depth range.  This would help in the contrast but make the stone look a hair smaller.  It is still a well cut oval and worth comparing to the round.  Personally I always find rounds to look bigger that their fancy cousins when comparing well cut stones of the same carat weight.

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