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Opinion needed on Hearts & Arrows stone

Joseph Kerr

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Cut-wise it's above any suspicion. If Whiteflash say it's eye clean, it is going to be eye clean... to their (high) standards: ask them how they tested it and what they saw before committing, but I would not be particularly concerned about that.

The question (or dilemma) I have for you is around the price and the 2.00 carat threshold. You'd be paying a significant premium in exchange for the security of having one of the best cut diamonds on the market... with a slightly smaller size (than either of the 2+ carats) and the loss of bragging rights. The 2.11 from B2C may be similarly cut and will look larger for the same price (and the "all important" (???) full 2 carats), but we don't know enough about its cut to say how it would compare to the WF stone: have you asked B2C if they can send you a couple of ASET images?

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