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I need some help with this stone.

Jason LS

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I wouldn't be quite as definite. I can see (part of?) a cloud at 9 o'clock (table parallel to the screen)  in the video, but the stone overall doesn't seem hazy to me. However that's best assessed by someone who HAS the stone, not just a video of it. Have you asked JA? How is the stone priced compared to other 0.90 I/Si2?

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That clarity feature at 9 o clock is best a VS2 IMO. Since its an SI2 - this would be something that would have a comment like clarity grade is based on............on DGR but since this is a Dossier report...

I can see hazy area at the upper half from 12 to 10 and 2 on either sides. But it could be just me. 

Like Davide puts it's difficult to say certainly.

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If you rotate the video slowly, the hazy area visible to the top when the stone is facing straight seems to me to "disappear" at several angles (e.g. at ~45 degrees turn to the left I see clean).

It could be you and I seeing different things, Furqan, or it could be the video... blast these dossiers for SI stones!

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