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please help with diamond decision


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I am new to this and I have been researching for a few months and found 3 diamonds that fits my budget. I want a large caret of course we all do, a diamond with lots of fire and brilliance and also as white as possible and I would like to stick to a budget of 8500 or less.

Can someone please review this 3 and help me decide which is the best diamond to purchase? I have looked at james allen, blue nile, adiamor, atani, brilliance, whiteflash, brian gavin.. and a couple local ones here in san diego and the L.A diamond district, and  I have narrowed it down to these 3.

Please advice: what's everyone's thoughts on the strong blue fluorescence ?
I have a local gemologist who isn't a fan of it and another one from prosumer.com
was told it's ok with J colors and lower ones??


I have the I-vss2 on hold. and need to make a decision as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for all your advices

would you pay for an 1.37c. I- VSS11 for $7990--Dimensions (mm):7.18×7.16×4.39



OR-- 1.42 I, VVS2 for $8336.00 --Dimensions (mm):7.22×7.20×4.46



OR G-VS1 FOR $8260?? Dimensions (mm):7.11×7.08×4.29





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so you would pick the G over the I, vss1.. or vss2? 

no, i think enchanted diamond is in NYC and i am in california.. wish i can view the diamond, it would definitely make my decision easier.

which one has the most fire and brilliance and whitest and can you tell a difference that the G stone is lot smaller than the 1.42 caret?

is the G fluorescence going to affect the whiteness of the ring?


thanks so much for your advice

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I would pick G over I anyday. This VS1 however looks closer to a VS2 but inspite of that reasonably clean. 

Fluorescence activates in light source with ultra violet rays. Fluorescence about half of the times can make diamond look hazy as well. 

This means a few things. When diamond goes outside in the sun it looks blue. Imagine a white bright sun and you make it blue. Will it be bright and lively? You bet no. Now make that blue sun hazy. It's not even beautiful. 

A strong blue should be free from above those phenomenons. And its important you or someone you trust (can be your diamond dealer) can make this sure for you.

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oh no! i can't view the diamond in person so 

i won't now know if the G stone will turn blue, so if it turns blue means, its not a bright and fiery diamond?

and if the sun is hazy, means it's not a good diamond?

how do i check to make sure that the blue won't make the diamond hazy?

Ok, so should i still purchase the G stone  diamond or one of the other ones?  your advice



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A strong blue diamond will most likely turn blue in the sun. Whether you like it or no it's a matter of taste. Naturally when it turns blue it becomes dull and the brilliance and fire is not translatable. Some people like this. Some people dont it's a matter of taste.

Some of these diamonds also become hazy when out in the sun. That's something you should avoid. But these diamonds are also more discounted so there's a tradeoff.

You ask your dealer if he can check the stone for haziness. If he can't then walk away.

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you would still pick the G over the I even though it has strong blue?

i just emailed them and asked about the haziness..


 what do you think  about the h, since it contains no fluorescent, is it still better than the I, vss2.?  sounds like you didnt like the Vss1..


thank you, extremly appreciate all these advices



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oh i thought you meant to purchase it right away lol.


i found another H- vs2, and it's 500 cheaper, what's your thought's on this one?

is the fire and brilliance about the same?



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i always wanted a cushion diamond and after visiting a few shops, i was told that i have to go higher in color and also the size of a round diamond is actually bigger and has more fire and brilliance.


what are your thoughts on these 2 costco rings? are these as good of diamonds as the I and  H round diamonds??

or stick to the round if i want bigger caret, fire and brilliance and white diamonds?




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You can always ask ED or any of the vendors to send you a video of two or three of your top choices side by side.  Although I agree with Furquan on the choices he would make based on the information provided, I'm not sure the choice is really as obvious as he makes it.  $500 is a decent amount of money and when seen side by side, you may prefer the cheaper over the more contrasty.  It's a cheap way to compare stones without traveling to NYC.

Hope this helps


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you are correct, after months of researching and narrowing it down to these 2 stones. 

I was excited to purchase the H stone,  i do want the whitest, and most sparkling fiery ring, but as I was processing payment for the H stone, and since we are charging it on our credit card and half financing it, the price is now 8900 for it and that's without the setting. you can say i am heart broken at the new price.  I think we might have to take the I stone, and that's at 8650,, both is a bit more than what we originally budgeted. I was stretching it a bit and was ok with the  H stone at 8550, but it jumped . smh But i think 9k is a bit too much for my poor man right now..

what's your thoughts on the the I stone Furqan and Laurent? 


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