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Certified "No Fluorescence" diamond looks extreme blue in sunlight.


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I've been in jewelry business well over 30 yrs & I haven't had this situation before.  A couple purchased a 1.50 Rd.  SI1/G cut 1, no fluorescence dia. from me 3 yrs ago.  They have been very satisfied until days ago she was in direct Sun light and looked down and the diamond was showing an extreme dark gray/blue color in the direct sunlight. She texted me a photo and my crew & I suspected the photo was probably exaggerated.  She brought it into store, it looked beautifully white.  I happened to have an appraiser there with over 40 yrs experience for a one day event.  He tested the diamond for fluorescence and said there was absolutely none.  We walked it out in to direct sun light and it immediately shown dark gray/blue.  

I noticed that on July 24th 2013 you had the forum topic "Blue color in sunlight normal?" The photos  were much like my clients.  

I will say the color did not show in every angle.  The sun was over our back and down onto her hand.  When facing the sun and looking down it showed extreme white. It even showed blue/gray inside in that same angle from sun showing through skylight.

Any explanation appreciated.



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Start by checking the fluorescence directly instead of just reading the report. UV lights are cheap and your client will appreciate you going the extra mile for them.  It’s always possible that there was an error at the lab or that the stone you’re looking at isn’t the same one they looked at.

Failing that, I’m inclined to agree with Davide, what you’re seeing is likely a reflection of the environment, in this case, the blue in the sky.  Put on a red hat and look into the stone.  You'll notice that now there’s a lot of red in the there.

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