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Brian Gavin physical store and shipping questions

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Hi there,newbie online buyer here.

I was curious to see if Brian Gavin diamonds had a physical store.I never bought diamonds online so I don't know who I can trust or not,excuse me for this.I mean no offense to him if he is reading.I like Brian Gavin Black line of hearts and arrows,that's why I am asking questions here.

1-When I enter google maps and I watch in street view,I seem unable to locate correctly the door of the store.Is it still there or it has been closed?I'd like to see a pic of it

2-Any buyers from Italy?No Fedex in my region,and I don't have the possibility to travel.If I want to get a diamond,But I have no Fedex to go to for pickup,how do I get it?would Brian Gavin change the shipping type to any other international one?


thank you in advance! :)

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I think he operates out of an upper floor office in a commercial building in downtown Houston.  Yes, it's a credible company. 

I have no clue how he handles international shipping and what options are available.  Surely he's happy to talk to you about that if you ask.  

Neil Beaty



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