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mysterious yellow gold to rose

Emmy Ziegler

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Help! I just had a weird thing happen. It's about the gold on my wedding ring, which I've worn and cleaned for 34 years. I put it into Dawn detergent for cleaning(I've done this before),  along with some other pieces, including a couple of silver pieces. After a couple of days, I took the jewelry out, as I usually do, to brush a little and rinse off. Incredibly, my yellow gold wedding set has turned to rose gold. How does this happen?? Can I reverse this? It is just so strange!!

Thanks for any input on this.


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It's possible that some strange electrolytic reaction has taken place and your ring has been "copper plated" from copper ions leaching from the silver; I have a couple of low-carat rose gold pieces that oxidise spontaneously in some conditions. Try to polish it with some silver polish/wadding. If the rose tint does not disappear, then it's time to go to a jeweller... without worrying: it can be restored.

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