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Hey Everyone!

Looking for advice as to whether or not go for this diamond for an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I have seen online if anybody has any suggestions or thought on whether this is a good deal or not? I want to see what others out there think?!... Specs are:

  • Price $7,943.00
  • Certificate GIA
  • Carat weight 1.18
  • CutExcellent
  • ColorE
  • ClarityVS2
  • Depth62%
  • Table58%
  • PolishExcellent
  • SymmetryExcellent
  • GirdleMedium to Slightly Thick
  • CuletNone
  • FluorescenceNone
  • Measurements 6.71 x 6.75 x 4.17 MM

Pics attached. Its eye clean as per retailer. I used the HCA tool for this and gave a grade of 2.0. I know the HCA tool needs to be taken with a pinch of salt and s an exclusion tool rather than choosing tool. But I know even an ideal score on that does not make it good quality. Retailer has no ASET images available. this is a link for close up 360 view of it:
http://d6z2uq3gvx7kk.cloudfront.net/videos/1000983221/1000983221.html (it may take a couple mins to load!!) and couple pics are attached. 

Cheers Guys! Thanks a lot!


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It sounds like you’re looking for demerits.  I see none.


It’s comparatively cheap.

It’s textbook middle of the road for cut, clarity, color, symmetry, polish, and fluorescence.  Presumably, that’s your objective and what led you to choose this one.


I could, of course, make something up, but you’ve already done that and already know the above so I’ll just leave that it looks good on paper.  I’m sure it’s lovely. 

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