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Thoughts on this diamond?


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I"m just teasing.

The admin just did a major upgrade, like yesterday, and one of the things that changed is the way it handles pictures.  At least on my screen (Chrome 59.0), there's a 'choose files' link at the bottom of the box where I'm typing and I can upload anything I want.  Is that not what you're seeing?  What are you using for a browser?


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I think your people on that other forum are being overly harsh.  35.5deg with a 15% crown is just fine.  I actually like that look.  41 vs. 40.8 is, quite literally, a rounding issue (GIA rounds pavilion angles to 0.2deg).   I also have no problem with the inclusion.  It's likely that it'll be eye visible if you know what to look for and where to look, but that's hardly the usual viewing condition and it's the reason SI1's are so popular.  

For the benefit of others who may want to comment. Here's the stone he's talking about. 


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