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Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Fresh Clean Scent (aerosol can)


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As a spray product, it won't be an effective jewellery cleaner by itself anyway. Yes, the foam/spray particles will get into the nooks and crannies, but without mechanical action to remove the gunk, it will stay there; without immersion, there isn't even the chance that the particles of dirt will detach and fall into the liquid. Sprays are designed to be used on wide, relatively flat surfaces and wiped/rinsed off afterwards.

Whether it's even safe (if mechanically ineffective) to use on jewellery depends on the active ingredients, which SC Johnson does not disclose fully; the MSDS has some of the cleaning agents and one propellant listed, but they add to less than 25% of the weight of the total; what's the rest? Just water?

Other products in the line claim bleaching properties (bad for some metals, especially low-melting gold/platinum alloys used as solder, and silver) and antibacterial/disinfectant properties (bad for you - incomplete disinfection is one of the best ways of creating resistant strains of microorganisms). Is any of that stuff present in this formulation? Who knows.

I would say it's unlikely to be particularly effective unless accompanied by scrubbing, and it may or may not damage the items.

What's wrong with dish soap? It's non poisonous, designed to be rinsed off without leaving residues, effective at dissolving fats and non-corrosive. I've never seen hard water residue build up on jewellery, but if you have that problem a dip for a few minutes in a mild organic acid (lemon juice, clear vinegar) followed by a thorough rinse (ideally in distilled/de-ionised water...) should be plenty enough with less risk than unknown chemicals. 

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