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Help with emerald diamond choices - 1.9 carat VVS2, E/F Colour


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Hi guys

Hoping you can help as I am totally new to diamonds! Looking at engagement ring and want to purchase emerald cut. I have recently been looking at 77diamonds.com as they seem to have good reviews and competitive price wise. Are they reliable and good to use? I have no major rush timing wise. 

I visited their showroom yesterday and they selected two diamonds which seemed to suit for me - they followed up just now with the photos I requested. Can you guys take a look and let me know thoughts? Pro/Cons of each etc? Anything I should ask?

Any advice much appreciated! 


Price: £13,412.16

Ratio: 1.34 ratio

Carat: 1.9

Cert: GIA

Colour: F

Clarity: VVS2

Cut/Polish/Sym: Ex

FLO: None

Dimensions: 8.06 x 6.00 x 4.07

Depth: 67.9%

Table: 62%



Price: £13,126.51

Ratio: 1.43 ratio

Carat: 1.8

Cert: GIA

Colour: E

Clarity: VVS2

Cut: Very Good

Polish/Sym: Ex

FLO: None

Dimensions: 8.20 x 5.74 x 3.95

Depth: 68.7%

Table: 65%

EMCPDTBGBVFC- 1.34 ratio.jpg

EMCPXVASPFZT- 1.43 ratio.jpg

Specs 6 July 2017.png

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The real problem is that the photos don't tell us (or you) much... I like the second photo better, but I don't know to what extent that is a fair representation of what the diamond looks like!

The vendor seems to think that the F is better cut than the E. Given no lab (other than AGS, and even then...) provides a reliable cut grade for non-rounds, this has to be the vendor's evaluation. Ask them how they reached that conclusion, and don't be surprised if you hear a lot of BS.

Can the vendor provide an ASET image for the two stones? Or a comparative video with BOTH stones at once? Anything where the two stones are seen separately in non-standardised conditions (especially with one single image) tends to be more a reflection of photography skills than of a difference in looks.

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I think you are asking the wrong questions. I am not really sure what you mean by if Emeralds are reliable and good to use neither do I understand what you mean by pros & cons of each diamond. 


Every diamond has different, every human is different. Different people like different things. I take it as that you have already seen these two diamonds in the retailer's showroom? I would suggest you to look at a few more stones and select one that you like. Pictures especially in Emerald cut diamonds don't mean much, not atleast what we are looking for. Even the ASET images IMHO is not an accurate descriptor of light performance when it comes to step cuts. 

If you have seen these 2 diamonds, side by side, and like one better over the other, go for that. 

If I had to make a decision solely on the basis of pictures and price I would select the E VVS2. I like it's ratio. I like long Emeralds. But that's just me. You may like squarish Emeralds, and that's not wrong, that's just different. 


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@davidelevi - thanks for the advice, that helps! I will ask the supplier (77diamonds) if they can send me an ASET of them, or video/picture of them side by side to compare at the very least. 

@Furqan Shafi Yes, my question on are they 'reliable and good to use' is indeed aimed towards the vendor (77diamonds), not the cut or diamonds themselves :) 

In general, are there key features/things I should be looking for when evaluating emerald cuts? Also, is the extra investment to get highest quality colour/clarity grades with emerald cuts worth it, or is it better to have a certain benchmark to not go below and then invest more in size? I appreciate this will be based on individual preference to a certain extent!

Thanks for your advice and apologies for any stupid questions!

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Emerald cuts are very unforgiving when it comes to colour and clarity. Inclusions that may be invisible to naked eye in a brilliant cut can be very visible in step cuts. Similarly an H colour which looks perfectly colour less to naked eye may show tint in step cuts. 

If buying unseen, I wouldn't go below VS1 and G colour.

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