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Major across-the-board upgrade


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Hi all,

We have completed a major forum upgrade AND server upgrade.

In a nutshell, here is what was done:

  • Server moved to Google Cloud infrastructure. We've always prided ourselves in providing a fast website, and now we are leveraging Google's speedy infrastructure to power Diamond Review as well.
  • Full upgrade of software stack. We're now running the latest Linux, the latest webserver, the latest database, etc.
  • Full upgrade of forum software.  Our forum vendor released a major upgrade a few months ago, and we are now running it.  This required a full reimplementation of the styling, to fit Diamond Review.  I think the new forum software looks & feels awesome, and I hope you agree!
  • Full conversion of website to modern middleware.  Parts of Diamond Review were still using the very old CGI framework.  No longer.
  • https is now standard.  All access to Diamond Review is now strongly encrypted, for extra security & peace of mind.
  • Lots of new extras:  Upgraded monitoring, enhanced backups, new CRM system for incoming requests through "Contact Us", and much more.

We have thoroughly tested everything. However, if anything looks funny or does not appear to be working as expected, please first click "refresh" on your browser and clear your browser-cache first, then if the problem persists, please do report it to us.





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  • 1 month later...

Hi everyone, today I took care of some minor issues as reported by several users following the major upgrade last month:

  • Fixed uploading of images.  Prior to the fix, the size limit was 1MB.  It has been increased to 10MB.  Uploading (as opposed to linking) is the preferred way to post images.
  • Blocked ability of an OP to delete an entire thread, including posts by other users.  This was a new setting with the new version of the software that came with a poor choice for a default.  In any case, it is fixed now.
  • Signatures are back.  This is only available for A-List Members, Jewelers, and Appraisers.
  • Default avatar is user's initials.  Consistent with current UX practices & expectations.
  • Upgraded to latest forum software.  Just house-cleaning.

While upgrading, I also noticed some styling issues on Chrome, that were present even after hitting the "Refresh" button.  It appears some of the old pre-upgrade CSS files were stuck in the cache.  It took a full browser "clear cache" to fix.  Just FYI to anyone having issues on Chrome.

Thanks to everyone who reported issues!

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