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Advice On Diamond


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Hi all,

I'm currently selecting a diamond for a six prong setting.


Budget: 2.6K€


Living in EU I unfortunately am looking to EU only resellers to avoid extra costs (22%+4%).


I came to these possible choices which score quite well on the HCA.










Unfortunately no Idealscope image is available.


Any hints?


Possible seller alternatives (in EU)?


Thanks for your kind support.


Kind regards


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Um... regardless of where/who you buy from, you will be charged IVA (I assume you are in Italy, from the links) at the prevailing rate of 22%; the price of diamonds is largely the same (pre-duties/tax) everywhere in the world. Just remember to factor it in where the vendor does not include it. This opens up the field to sellers that (for example) give you a lot more information on the stone than Blue Nile does, independent of where they are based.


At most, you can "escape" duty (which is 0% on loose stones, but 2.5% on mounted jewellery) because it is possible that the seller will import the loose stone and then set it in the EU (though to be honest, it's not a very likely scenario).


From your 7 stones, I'd discard immediately all the "very good" cuts. They all have very large crowns and shallow pavilions, will look relatively small (not by much, but still...) and not very bright. This leaves 3 contenders:






these cost "the same" as the VG cut ones even though they are better cut because they are fluorescent (the last two) or because they go below a critical weight threshold (the first one). All three are well cut; I would say 0.67 IF slightly ahead of the other two, then the 0.70 VVS2. The IF has the symbolic advantage of being "flawless", but it's very slightly smaller. What would she prefer?


One last point: with a diamond of the size you are considering, I would not recommend a 6-prong setting; too much metal overwhelms the stone.

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