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Is This Vs2 Eye Clean?


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So, I'd always heard that VS2s for the most part should be eye clean.  However, someone mentioned, from looking at the magnified images on the Blue Nile site, that they thought this stone may not be eye-clean.  I'd appreciate any advice / input.  I've also included the ASET just for info although I know it's not really relevant here. 


The diamond will show up as unavailable because I have it on hold until tonight.



Canadian 1.34-Carat Round Diamond | Blue Nile | Stock Number LD08637889


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The only real test to see whether a stone is eye-clean is to see it in real-life, preferably in its final setting. Second best is asking an expert (e.g. the dealer - but Blue Nile never sees the stones it sells; it relies on its suppliers). Photos and videos are better than nothing (or just the report - which is next to nothing), but aren't a very reliable tool.


Since the inclusion seems quite contrasting and right in the middle of the table, it is possible that it will be visible in some circumstances - but then again it may not. Often diamonds with easily visible inclusions are discounted, but this is in the middle of the pack, so no evidence from that either. Are you in a hurry? Can you afford the week or so to order and return if this isn't eye-clean to your standards.

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No one call tell you about eye clean by looking at pictures. There's a return policy at Blue nile - if you don't like it just return it.


Also, what's YOUR definition of eye clean? Generally, it's no eye visible inclusions at 10 inches distance under normal lighting from the top.

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