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Colorless Diamond Appears To Have Color?


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There's no way to grade color from a photograph so I can't help much on that although you might consider hiring a competent local appraiser if you're worried about the grading.  Foggy/hazzy is a similar problem.  A photo doesn't really help.  The usual source is cleaning, the next most usual is fluorescence.  Are you confident on both of these points?

Is there a grading report on the diamond?  Who issued it?  What does it say about fluorescence?

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Difficult to say what's going on with that bit of information given the incomplete info on the GR.


The haziness is either because of Flourescence or clarity characteristics (clouds, wisps, graining). Neither is available to exclude one or the other.


Diamond skin can look greyish close up when your eyes don't interpret the complete information from the diamond in terms of returning light.


At genuine E color any hue is difficult to make out grey, green, brown or yellow or any other. That's why it's colorless.


Also hazy milky adds a whitish appearance on the diamond under brighter lights. Imagine an extremely thin tracing paper?


Also colour and haziness is difficult to be told on the basis of pictures. And absence of other information is not really helpful.

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I"m going to guess it's the fluoro that you're seeing.  S1 isn't a standard clarity grade but there's one called SI1 and one called I1.  Maybe one of those? The difference is quite a bit.  I'm pretty sure Gemscan uses the standard names for these things although it's been a while since I've seen one of their reports.  I'm surprised they don't mention fluorescence.  

What does the seller have to say about it?

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Personally, I like fluorescence, but it does affect market value as well as saleability.  The hazy appearance you mention is how a stone looks in high UV environments like direct sunlight.  It's possible your's does have it, but I can't tell without looking.  Especially if you asked about it, your IA should have looked and given an opinion on this.  

Again I go back to cleaning for the 'champagne' thing.  That's not one of the manifestations of fluorescence and it's hard to imagine GS missing by that much.  There's something else going on.

All of that said, if it bugs you, take it back.  That's a reasonable offer from the jeweler and the end target is that you be happy, even if it is just a matter of taste.  Taste counts. 

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Isn't it wonderful when people come to a public forum, ask public questions, get free help and then delete all of their posts, so that no-one else can benefit from the information?

Actually I did not delete everything. If you look at my original post the question and picture are still. I deleted the extra details as I felt it's rather personal.  i.e. location and grader information


Location I might understand; grading lab no, since there is NO WAY ON EARTH that anyone can get to you through that info - you also did delete a fair number of intermediate posts, and this makes the conversation frankly useless to anyone else.


It is your thread. You can delete it all. It doesn't change my opinion one bit.

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