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Help Please! Aset Image Attached


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I am new to this site (what a great idea!) and think i accidentally posted my question on the wrong forum.  I've been agonizing over the research for this for months.  I've attached the following ASET image.  I'm concerned there is way too much light leakage but am zero expert. 


Buying Canadian was important to me which has greatly limited my options (James Allen is out of them and they don't know when they'll be back, Brilliant Earth wasn't able to provide evidence) etc.  So I appreciate any help on this.  I know the Clarity is higher than what I want (I was shooting for VS2) but pickers can't be choosers. But I also don't want to overpay for a poor performing diamond.  This will show as "unavailable" since I have it on courtesy hold until Friday.  Any help is much appreciated!




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"Concerned" is relative to your goals. If you want a perfect ASET image, that isn't it - however, with a 40.6 pavilion (and no symmetry issues visible), I could easily think that the leakage is an artefact of stone positioning. The only way of knowing for sure is to get the diamond (and maybe an ASET of your own). I wouldn't be too concerned about it, since you have 30 days to return it and on paper it looks like a lovely stone.


As to "overpaying", the price is perfectly aligned with other internet-based retailers - you aren't even paying a particularly strong premium because of the Canadian origin.

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