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Use Dishwasher To Clean Diamond Jewelry


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I like the creative use of the fruit feeder.


A word of caution: It all depends on what you use for detergent. Most dishwasher detergents use zeolite particles to scrub the food residues off the plates; this can in the long run "polish off" the metal in the ring and - especially on rings with a lot of pavé set stones - end up in stones being lost (zeolites are soft, but they do get thrown around at great speed in the dishwashing process).

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And of course, lost down the drain of the dishwasher is a tough place to recover a dislodged stone.  I"m not sure this gains much.  Dishwashing soap like Dawn or Palmolive and 30 seconds of elbow grease with a toothbrush is just as effective and less trouble. 

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I've checked 7th generation's website. The gel products don't seem to use mechanical cleaning agents, but the packs (tablets?) and powders do (sodium carbonates and silicates). Mild as they are, especially if you are cleaning the ring often, they will wear the metal out.


NB: they use sodium silicate in all dishwasher products, but the role they attribute to the compound is different for the types of detergent; it would require a bit of analysis to figure out if the thing is even mildly abrasive, but an easy test is to spread a drop of liquid on your hand and massage it in with the other hand's fingertips: if it feels "grainy" then it contains abrasive particles.

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