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Emerald Cut - Bluenile - Help Please! About To Buy!


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I am looking at purchasing a 1.9 carat for $10662

I have requested photos - the specifics are below



Colour I

Ratio 1.4

8.2 x 5.87 x4.06

Depth 69.1

Table 64

Polish excellent

Slightly thick to thick


Any help on if I am making the wrong decision!

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Whether you are making a mistake depends on what you are looking for in the first place... however the same stone is advertised by others at a much cheaper price: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/E190-128791538?cid=diamondreview(whether these others can get it for you at the advertised price is a different question, but it's a start - even just to negotiate with BN).


There is nothing that raises a red flag in the other information you have posted, but you have remarkably little data on which to make a decision (and Blue Nile's "normal" inability/unwillingness to provide more isn't helpful either). On the other hand, they do allow you to keep the stone for 30 days and ship it back at no cost.


Bear in mind that:


1. Emerald cuts (and step cuts in general) may show inclusions more easily than brilliant-cut stones. SI1 is a risk, especially with a cluster of inclusions bang in the middle of the table.


2. Without (many) good quality photos, videos and possibly some reflector images you are shopping blind... unless you plan to view (and potentially return) several stones.


3. Any final call will require you to see the diamond, so perhaps you are just short-circuiting the process. However, a vendor that can actively help by providing more information (deriving from the above sources, or even just from their trained eye comparing several options) is an asset.

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