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Sell Or Reuse


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In your opinion would I be financially smarter to use some 29 diamonds from a tennis bracelet totaling almost 3 CTW (lost one diamond), for a jeweler to bezel set a "Diamonds by the yard" necklace, or sell them and buy a per-made Diamonds by the yard necklace?  


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They will be extremely difficult to sell and you can expect a major hit in terms of pricing.  I would be surprised if you can get much more than a hundred dollars for them, if that.  It's going to depend on the grades and the market. Mostly tennis bracelets aren't made with the best stones. On the other hand, if you pay a jeweler to set them you'll be paying US labor rates, which can get pretty steep (I'm assuming you're in the US).  Mostly the DBY necklaces you see are made in Asia at much lower labor rates.  That makes this something of a 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' sort of question.  I'm inclined to say neither.  Keep them until you want something that CAN'T be reasonably made in a factory, and use them for that.  Buy your DBY necklace outright.  

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Not much to add to Neil's advice.


One possible option: a 0.10 ct diamond isn't hugely expensive, and IF (and only if) you have someone to whom you could sell the diamond bracelet - say a friend who always said "oh, how lovely; I'd like to have one" - it may be worth spending a few $100 to have it restored to sell as a bracelet.

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