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Planning To Get Engaged


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Hi to all, it is my first time posting. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


I'm planning to buy an engagement ring. I thought that was going to be easy until I started looking through the large selection of diamonds and the varying price ranges.

I started with 8-9k, now im up to close to 20k for the stone. I seem to like the larger ones but I have concerns about the quality. So I started reading around and found this site.

Now my head is spinning. There seems to be so much going into finding a nice stone that I don't know where to start. So I'm here to ask for your help, please!

Smallest size I'm willing to go is 1.5ct's . 2ct's seems to start pushing my financial limits and worries me that the 3 of the 4 C's start to gradually lose the fire of the stone due to color, blemishes and cut.


One of the main characteristics I'm looking for is the sparkly or fire (i think).


After reading through this site I noticed a lot of people concerning themselves with cut percentages, I deal scope images, fluorescence, girdle.... I'm clueless!


Another of my concerns is purchasing the diamond and ring from Jamesallen, Blue Nile. These are the only sites I've visited so far. Is there a return policy if she does not like it? What happens if the stone falls out and is lost? Do I need my own insurance on the stone?

Are there other reputable sites? Should I go with a local jeweler that can get the stone I choose? Whats the benefit of going to a local jeweler if any?



These are the larger stones:









Medium and smaller stones







Out of all the stones listed which do you think is the nicest size to fire ratio and least blemishes that wont be seen.


These are the bands I like:

I like this band, what do you think with the larger diamonds.



I like this band on all the sizes as it makes the stone pop more but 4 prong or 6 prong?



This one is rather pricey but I think a 1.5+ ct would look nice in it.



Sorry for this long post and I hope it is written in a way that everyone could understand.

I'm doing this while she is asleep, LOL. It is going to be a surprise.


I appreciate everyone's time and any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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You’re all over the map here.  For example those two rings are really quite different and 1.50-2.0cts covers a huge amount of ground.  Focus.

Some generic advice:

Turn off the computer and go shopping.  Live and in person.  Leave the credit card at home. Get a feel for what you like.  1.50 costs a big premium over 1.40 for example.  J will get you a big discount (and thus a bigger stone for your budget) than F.  VVS costs a LOT more than SI2.  Is it worth it to you?  That's going to depend on you. I can tell you what’s popular, but that’s not really what you need to know.  What are YOUR preferences?  If you had to force rank size vs. quality vs. price, where would you land?

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Your right I need to focus and set a price range that doesn't increase every time I see a more expensive stone. In the back of my head i have my friends engagement ring which cost 25k and is 2.5 ct's. Its clouding my judgement.


I went to a jeweler and previewed a 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5ct diamond G VVS1 with the 1.5 going for 15k. Beautiful stones.

So I went online and started searching similar stones. There was a significant size difference from the 1.3 to 1.5 and Now I'm wanting even larger. Every .2ct's seems nicer and nicer.

I love the clear white color and sparkle of the diamonds I looked at and have sort of set myself to those standards.

Is going from a F-G to and H going to reduce the color significantly?

Is VVS1 to a VS1 going to be noticeable?

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For most people, the 'noticeable' line in color is in the HIJ range for a stone of that size.  'Most' is a serious weasel word here.  That's why it's so important to actually look at real diamonds and calibrate your eyes.  D's do look different, which is why they cost more, but whether you value that difference is decidedly a personal choice.  

The 'eye visible' boundary in a 2 carat stone will be in the range of VS2/SI1.  Again there's a huge component here in terms of non-gemological topics like lighting, your eyes, how closely you're looking and so on.    As a general rule, IF to VS2 are visibly identical in terms of clarity.

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