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Advice On Bluenile Cushion 2.3Ct With Fluorescence


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Hello everyone. This is my first time here. My wife recently lost her ring and I haven't shopped for a diamond or ring in 10 years since we got engaged. I'm getting ready to remake a ring modeled after the Tiffany Legacy setting. The first step is obviously finding the diamond. I flew to LA a few weeks ago and found a nice diamond in the jewelery district for $15k. I was then browsing Blue Nile and found this one https://www.bluenile.com/diamond-details/LD08509883which I've purchased. As you can see the table shows very large which is one of the items I was looking for. The problem is the strong blue fluorescence. Everything I've researched online says it can create a chalky or milky look. So I figured what the hell I'll buy it and if it looks like junk in the sun I'll simply return it if I didn't like it. I got it and I think it looks gorgeous in every light setting. Perhaps a tint of blue in the sun, not too much,that I think makes it look even more radiant. My problem is I'm a person that cares about value and making smart purchases. Can someone offer some feedback on my situation? I appreciate your time in advance.



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Personally I like fluorescence.

That said, it does tend to drive down prices because of exactly the fear you expressed.  How much it affects the price is a hotly debated topic.  A popular trade rag says 5-15%.  It's higher for DEF colors and sometimes turns into a premium for JKL type colors.  In your case it looks to be about 20% discount compared to the otherwise similar 2.12/D/VS2 from the same vendor (its both cheaper and heavier but has strong vs. none).  You're not likely to notice it outside of the disco and the sterilization room but it WILL bite you if you try and resell the stone to a dealer.  Resale is a bite anyway, but it's worse with fluorescence.  


By the way, here's a clickable link since I can make them and you can't.



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I appreciate the feedback. There seems to be a large discount already built into my price. If I had to take that to a dealer to sell what would I get for it? I also have a dealer out of LA willing to sell me this diamond for 15k. It's smaller on the face but still seemed like a pretty good deal. Do you think this is better purchase?


7.38x 7.17x4.80




Depth 67%

Table 63%

Girdle thk to etk, f

Polish excellent

Symmetry very good

Fluorescence none

Dec 21 2012

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That's going to depend on the individual dealer.  I would expect dealer cash offers on the 2.30 to be around $9-12k as you've described it.  You can, of course, shop it around as part of your shopping process if you want.  Bids are generally free and the Diamond District is full of sharks who will be happy to talk to you. 

'Better purchase' is a tricky concept.  It's going to depend on what you like.  This is not a financial instrument.  Some people don't care for fluorescence, which is why it trades at a discount.  I sort of like it, which makes the discount a feature.  The easiest diamonds to SELL are SI1, G-H, xxx, 1 carat rounds.  That's good data if that's what you want, but the right price on the wrong thing is no bargain.  

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FWIW, if "looking large" is a significant driver of value for you, I'd rather stick with the fluorescent stone than the one from the LA dealer. Not necessarily to do with "easier to resell"... but the D will look larger.


My suggestion: your concern around fluorescence seems to centre on the possibility of haziness/milkiness. That's dead easy to assess: get the stone out in diffused sunlight (the less cloudy the sky, the better, but use indirect/diffused sunlight). If it does go hazy, you'll know instantly. You then have 30 days to return it.


On resale, I agree with Neil that it's going to be easier to resell a non-fluorescent diamond (especially in a high colour like D-F), but don't assume that reselling (well) a 2 carat F/VS2 cushion is going to be a walk in the park - even if it's not fluorescent.

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