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Which Of These Four Diamonds?


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Hi all
Please could I have your views on these four diamonds.  As far as my rudimentary mind can tell, they all have the recommended proportions for a "super ideal" diamond and the ASETs all look good:

I'd appreciate views on anything I'm missing and whether you think they are value for money (for comparison, here is a fifth diamond from James Allen which seems to be a bit cheaper: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/1.15-carat-i-color-vs2-clarity-ideal-cut-sku-2430901).
My priority is light performance over colour or clarity.  I prefer fire over brilliance but would ideally like a balance between the two.
Many thanks!

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The 4 HPD ones are (surprise surprise) all wonderfully cut. Tha JA isn't far behind, and it's less money. I doubt you'd see the difference without a loupe and possibly an ASET or IS viewer.


If I had to pick one irrespective of cost, I would go with the 1.16 I/VS1 from HPD. If cost is a consideration, the JA is a close second on my list (and clearly $1300 is not pocket change - at least to me), but I don't think any of the 5 would leave you (or her) unhappy.

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What Davide said!

They are all gorgeous.  The JA 1.16 or the HPD 1.15 will certainly look bigger than the other three, but not by much.  I would save some money as it is impossible to see the difference between these two without instrumentation.  My only reservation about the JA stone is that in the video, as the stone turns away from the lens, there is a fair amount of visible body color.  This might be entirely a by product of the photography, but it might not be.  This is why a return policy is so important.  HPD does not show a video and there is no way to assess the body color from the information available on their site (unless I missed something).

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