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Disappointed With Idealscope, Should I Return This Diamond?


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I know I'm new here, so I'd like to thank everyone in advance for their help. I'm very new to the jewelry world, but have recently been very active in looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend. It's almost addictive looking for diamonds online.


That being said, I would like to know if I got a good deal on my recent purchase. I knew my girlfriend wanted a rose gold solitaire ring so I shopped around online for awhile. After finding the perfect setting on JamesAllen.com, I began my search for the perfect diamond. I spent quite a bit of time researching and decided to sacrifice color (due to the rose gold setting) while maximizing other qualities of the diamond. The following is what I recently purchased:


Price: $5,290

GIA #: 1253354181

Shape: Round

Carot Weight: 1.08

Color: J

Clarity: IF

Cut: Excellent

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence: None

Girdle: Med-Slightly Thick

Cutlet: None

Table: 57%

Depth: 62.3%

Crown Angle: 35

Pavilion Angle: 40.6


Please find the attached IdealScope image.


I would love some advice as to keep the diamond or return it. More generally, did I get a good deal?

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Hi knznick, 

Unfortunately the IS image did not post.  That said, the proportions on the grading report look perfect so I doubt there would be much room for improvement on the proportion side, especially one that you would actually notice when actually looking at the stone.  Having said that, there is plenty of opinion I could give you on your choice of color/clarity combination, but this would just be personal opinion so take it of leave it, as you wish.  In well cut stones, color starts becoming noticeable in the H/I range.  Imperfections in a stone are generally impossible to see with the naked eye starting at a VS2 (or VS1 to be super safe) clarity.  There is no difference in the look of a stone between IF and VS1 so I always question the motivation for spending money on IF while sacrificing color.  You might come back to me, as some of my customers have, and tell me that having something completely pure was integral to the decision, in which case I will agree that you have purchased a great stone.

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I apologize, please find the IdealScope image attached.


LaurentGeorge- thank you for your reply. I did want an Internally Flawless diamond as a symbol, as you suggested some of your customers sometimes desire. That being said, I read a lot about the color of the diamond compared to the setting. Will the rose gold setting contrast enough to make the diamond seem bright and white? I'd sure hate to be stuck with an engagement ring that didn't pop and look bright to the eye. Thanks for your help!


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i can see why you would be concerned with this IS image.  There are two spots (2 and 6 o'clock) that show a small amount of light leakage.  I think you would be hard pressed to distinguish the difference between this stone and on with a perfect profile.  The J in rose gold is a more interesting question and one that is really very personal.  Do you have the opportunity to go look at different color diamonds?  J will be a warmer shade of white but should still appear white against rose gold.  Are there any other stones on the setting?  Make sure these match otherwise they will look whiter that the center stone.

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+1 to all of Laurent's good advice above (including the preference for lower clarity vs higher colour - but that's an entirely personal choice!)


Actually, I'm wondering to what extent the IS image has been taken correctly. With a 40.6 degrees pavilion it's very strange to see a dark ring in the centre of the stone - minor asymmetries notwithstanding.


You could ask James Allen if they can re-take the image, and/or supplement it with an ASET image - I would simply take the risk of getting the ring done, look at it and if you do find that the centre of the stone is dark return it... 

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