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Advice On 3Ct H Vs1 Princess With Aset And Feather Corner Inclusion Ja


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Hello all,


I would greatly appreciate any help this forum can offer! I have been lurking here and pricescope aggressively trying to learn as much as possible before making this very large (to me) purchase.


Stone in question is a 3ct princess h vs1


Please see attached ASET and link for photo and GIA









1) is this a good buy

2) is this a good light performance on ASET

3) how concerned should I be with the corner feather inclusion (I've been told conflicting things with regards to a Vs1 feather)

4) should I be concerned about negative Yelp reviews of James Allen setting quality (I want a pave channel setting)



I REALLY appreciate the help! I need to pull the trigger in 24 hours, so any help would be greatly appreciated again


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1) It depends on what you are seeking... it's well cut, it will most likely look very white and without any visible inclusions once set. The price is no longer visible on JA's website, but they generally are reasonably competitive, if not the lowest (on the other hand, they also give more information than most online vendors on the stones they sell).


2) It looks very good, especially if your main criterion is on-axis brightness. Ideally I'd like to get a little more contrast, but as princess cuts go it's one of the better ones.


3) Question for the setter. A VS feather normally is not concerning, but one has to see exactly where it is located, how thick the girdle is there and how the prongs/corners grip the stone. If you are concerned, it is one good reason to have JA take care of the setting... if things break, it's clear whose responsibility it is.


4) Maybe and maybe not. One of the problems of CAD renderings is that they create totally unrealistic expectations of what real metalwork is going to look like. However, I haven't read the reviews... what grounds for dissatisfaction do they give?

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Thank you very much for your reply David. You've put my mind to rest. The price was 34,150 USD. (that included a 1500 credit towards the setting). There are cheaper ones with similar C's, but the proportions did not look as ideal (larger table% than depth). I was initially concerned the only way to get a well performing princess was to get one of the branded ones at GOG or high performance (which are higher priced for similar clarity, color, and CT). I'm sure this won't shine quite as much, but it's nice to know you are saying it is better than most.


JA told me they will assess the feather once the diamond has arrived from India. I hope they are honest with the assessment. So far they have been a pleasure to work with.


The majority of negative reviews revolve around late shipping which won't bother me- I am patient. The negative Yelp reviews on quality of setting are mostly around fallen stones from prongs, both on the pave and the main Stone. I imagine the few incidents are isolated, and I shouldn't worry.


Thank you, and thanks to this board! I've learned so much over the past few weeks lurking about. I will make sure to post pictures of the finished product/review once it has arrived.

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You are most welcome!


If you are getting JA to set it, they WILL be honest... at the end of the day, they will be the ones with the $30k liability, though you may have to explain why you are proposing with a Coke can ring if you have some sort of deadline. ;)


The most frequent cause of "failure" of pave is (in my experience) the tendency to use too little metal in the setting to properly raise and set beads/tails (especially if the setting is then resized and/or repolished). A channel setting should not have this problem. Failure on main stone setting is usually a workmanship rather than "structural" problem. Both issues are easily detected if you have the finished item inspected by an independent expert - which you probably need to do anyway to provide the insurance company with an appraisal. Just make sure that whoever you use is truly independent, competent to assess workmanship AND is clear that this is part of your expectations/contract.


Looking forward to seeing the photos, and congratulations!

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