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Help Needed - More Info On Diamond Type!


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Hi everyone


Just wanted to get an opinion and a bit of guidance on something!


Pictures are below:





This was for sale a couple of years ago and when I spoke to the shop owner, he advised that it was an old cut diamond, circa 3.7ct in gold and silver.


I am now in the market for something of a similar style (but not necessarily as large).


Questions I have:


-where would be a good place to start looking for such a style / vintage?

-apart from old cut, is this of a particular style (that could help my search?)

-3.7ct I imagine would be far out of my budget - has anyone seen a similar style but with a smaller diamond and what sort of price range would I be looking at?


As you can tell I am a complete beginner and am a bit lost! But figured this would be a good place to start my quest!

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What Laurent said, or try hunting in estate/antique jewellers. Pot luck happens.


In terms of price, you may decide to privilege one or another attribute, but the range of what can be obtained is very broad for any given budget. This said, with old(er) stones one gets what one can find, and many high(er) colour stones have been recut. As a rough guide, you may want to use the Diamond Finder on this site and look at median cushion prices for any combination of size/colour/clarity; it is a rough guide, but better than absolutely nothing.

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This is not a trivial hunt.  These are not commodities and you’ll find it difficult to locate a dealer with much in the way of a selection. Jewelsbygrace.com, a dealer that tends to specialize in this sort of thing, has perhaps a dozen tops.  That’s without being picky about weights, grades and so on.  You can use them as a basis for pricing comps (or buy from them if they have what you want, they're a reputable outfit), but understand that there are a lot of variables at play in terms of pricing.

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