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Have buyers and sellers whom I ned to bring together for mutual dealings pls how can I have Ratio pls tell me is thire any legal documentation to protect me or to have with them as the traded will be given as a facilitator many are caling me for a post I did on thire behalf to meet and deal so I need to protect my side how pls





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If you want help, calm down and write using punctuation. Stream-of-consciousness is difficult enough to interpret when the other party is in the room with you, never mind posting it on a board.


1. What are your buyers and sellers buying and selling? Where? Where are you located?

2. Do either party have a contract - presumably only oral - with you?

3. Which party? What are the terms of the contract? Were there any witnesses?

4. What did you do - precisely? "A post on their behalf" can mean way too many things. Where did you post? In what terms? Did you explain that you were acting as intermediary?

(5. What do you mean by Ratio?)


[Posted with little hope of reply, but let's see.]

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