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Oval - Opinion On This Diamond


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Hi All, 


I've been searching for an oval diamond for a while now and have been trying to minimise the bow tie effect.


I came across the below diamond (1.5ct E/VS1, Ex, EX) and I'm keen to get some opinions on the bow tie of this diamond as I'm unable to physically inspect in person? 


The certificate also mentions "surface graining not shown" - will this be an issue and cause the diamond to appear cloudy/milky?


Thanks in advance!







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Surface graining in a VS1 with Excellent polish is not going to be a problem.


The bow-tie is extremely dependent on angle of observation, so a single photo tells you (and us) nothing: it's all too easy to turn a large bow tie in an extremely bright area: just vary the angle by a little, and I'm therefore a bit suspicious of the very bright centre. Can the vendor make a video where the stone is moved with respect to the camera and thus one can see what happens?


For example - here is one: (it's yellow and it was re-cut to eliminate the bow-tie, but it's the type of video that would tell you a lot more than a single, static image)


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