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How many people in this Community have discovered diamonds on u.s. soil?


Please without disclosing the location where you made the discovery, will you share  your


experience with me?


In your own word's Please tell me how you were treated by other's when you began the process from "mine to market".post-136119-0-13372900-1489177517_thumb.png


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I have quite a bit of experience in this.  A stone that Iâ€ve worked with for the last year and a half is about to go to auction next week.




That one came from Arkansas,


What specific questions do you have?  

There are 2, and only 2, diamond locations that have ever been tried commercially in the US, both were failures,  A few alluvial stones have been found near the Canadian border that seem to be left over from the last ice age but that's about it. We're not a big source country.  


I"m curious why you linked that form.  Are you looking to export something to Israel?

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Well, that form only applies to exports from the US to Israel, which is why I was confused.

USKP is a seriously obscure agency (United States Kimberley Process Authority) with only 19 licensees, none of which are producers.  How in the world did you run afoul of THEM?  Heck, how did you even find them?

FWIW, I'm pretty sure Ms. Gardner is retired.

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