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James Allen Is Taking Me For A Ride

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Good afternoon, DR community


Posting here to get some advice, guidance, words from people who've been in a similar situation and/or have dealt with


After much research and shopping, I decided to purchase an engagement ring from JamesAllen because of what seemed to be a very reputable jewelry site.

I had saved up quite vigorously to buy this ring, which was paid in full nearly a week ago. This is was in confidence that JamesAllen's site had said they'd have these rings bought by people before a certain date shipped to them by Valentine's day, which is tomorrow. I was planning to ask my girl to marry me tomorrow with the ring.


So, I purchased a ring on their site nearly a week ago, used a card for the purchase. Declined due to fraud protection. Understandable. It's bigger than an everyday single purchase.


I call them immediately as soon as I find out the card has been declined. I talk to a nice woman, and she tells me JamesAllen can send a payment request directly to me via email and through paypal so we can just bypass the card being used. I'm fine with this.


I get the email a few hours later (it was in the middle of the night), I log onto my paypal account through the email I receive from JamesAllen requesting the payment for the ring, and I pay for it in FULL. Confirmation email is received from Paypal that payment went through successfully and JamesAllen has the money.


Now, I wait and check the status of the order over the next few days. Getting dangerously close to Valentine's and when I need the ring for my proposal. There's zero progress with my order on their site. The same night, I get an email from JamesAllen that "if I don't pay for the ring soon, the diamond I chose will go back into circulation and they can't hold it".




I rush home, get online, live chat with one of their agents on the site. She says they never got the payment and that I need to forward the confirmation email from paypal that the payment went through to them. 




They give me Eileen @ JamesAllen's email.The head of accounting. So I email her twice with the forwarded confirmation email from paypal with a description of what my situation is and how, at this point, I'm really not happy with my supposed proposal coming up VERY soon.


Next day (today), zero email responses from JamesAllen or Eileen.


I call them over the phone. Speak to a man. Give him my order #. Says he'll talk to management and accounting departments and give me a call back in 30-45 minutes. I wait an hour. Nothing.


I call them back, speak to a woman, she advises me to email Eileen the confirmation of the payment. (I've done this twice already with zero reply of Eileen). So I do so again.


I'm frustrated and getting very suspicious. (I have much experience with online retailing)


So, I call paypal to get to the root of the problem. Speak to a guy, friendly, looks into my account and the payment I made to JamesAllen nearly a week ago and tells me that there is NO QUESTION that they've received the payment and that they have the money. That's why there was a confirmation email from Paypal AND JamesAllen in my inbox immediately after I paid for my product.


He's says he's heard of the company and is not sure why they are taking me for a ride. Both him and I are both getting a bad taste in our mouths at this point and proceeds to tell me that I can file a dispute to get my money back in the next few days. Says this is a classic purchase claim and that he thinks JamesAllen is "buying time" and not being upfront and honest with me because they don't have the product I added to my shopping cart, checked out, and paid for. He apologizes that they're doing this and says that this is terrible business practice on their part.


This essentially ruins my proposal plans for Valentine's and, needless to say, I'm angry.


SO, now that I have the answer from Paypal themselves, I call JamesAllen back once again and tell them that there is NO QUESTION that the money was sent and that JamesAllen has been holding onto my money for the past week with zero product in my hands and zero email responses. She proceeds to tell me that they're "looking into it" and it'll take "1-2 business days". This makes ZERO SENSE as Paypal assured me that the money was sent successfully by them and JamesAllen has it. Then she proceeds to tell me that the first man I talked to who told me they'd call me back in 30-45 minutes isn't something they do and he SHOULDN'T have told me that and I SHOULDN'T have been stuck waiting by the phone for the call back.




I'm fuming. This is ridiculous.


Unless they fix this problem, respond to me, and tell me what's going on, I'm disputing the purchase and making this testimony known to my friends and through my online presence.


What was supposed to be an exciting and memorable time in my life has turned to anger and frustration. A week out, days before my proposal, I have no ring, no response from JamesAllen, and I'm out of the money I used until I can dispute it and get it back in ANOTHER 7-10 days.

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Ummm. I'm not sure what guidance I can offer, but my guess is the following: they no longer have the diamond you ordered and are floundering with what to do (partly - and not least - because middle of February is a pretty high demand period for jewellery retailing), hence they are stalling.


I would not be concerned about getting all of your money back, and I don't see anything "suspicious" (in the sense of fraudulent) in their behaviour, though it's little short of appalling from a "good business practices" point of view. The problem is that getting your money back, even today, won't solve the timing issue and I doubt you'll be able to propose tomorrow with the ring you wanted.


Now, on the bright side (and I am the first one to acknowledge that this is an attempt to see an empty glass as half full - but sometimes thinking in a different way about something that one cannot change does help to change one's feelings):


1) There is no law - not even a really long-established tradition - saying one must propose with a ring. If you really feel uncomfortable doing so, get a silver ring from a.n.y. jeweller who has one in stock (FWIW, Georg Jensen has some gorgeous ones), and tell her you want to choose her ring with her.


2) You may be able to get something that she likes better if you discuss what she would like. Perhaps you have already had these conversations, but perhaps not.


3) JA owe you. Quite to what extent they'll acknowledge that is a different question, but you may be able to leverage something out of this, at least in financial terms. Whether you want to give them another chance is up to you, but you have a greater hold on them than on anybody else, and they are a pretty decent retailer (usually), with a broad stock. 


4) Having your proposal anniversary on Valentine's day cuts down in half the number of occasions for giving her a rose. Or something else that she likes. ;)


In all, I'm sorry for what you are going through, and I hope things get solved amicably.

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
Diamonds by Lauren (

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Thank you for the response and advice, Davidelevi


There was a voicemail left for me on my phone from them, but we'll see where this heads. It doesn't look like there's anything to do but wait and see what happens, and if need be, dispute the purchase and get my money back.


I'll just have to postpone and reschedule my proposal plans. It'll be worth it.

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Thanks. We had a wonderful Valentine's together, and she's on the same page with everything going on with JA's issues. (She picked the ring out and is very understanding).

Right now, it's been 2 days since JA's voicemail to me about payment and production going through, but no actual progress updates on their site as to what stage my order is in on my account page. It's remains in the same stage as it's been in when they thought I hadn't paid yet over a week ago.

Going to give it another day and see if the status changes from "Your order is ready for production, but is awaiting payment processing or diamond verification.", where it's been stuck.... then going to call them and demand some sort of compensation. And if they're still dragging their feet and not going to be straight up and honest with me, I'm disputing the purchase and getting a refund.

This is so bad.

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Esttx,  I am curious as to how this was resolved.  I have been considering James Allen as I can't get a good read on how legitimate Edwin Novel is and can not find anyone that has actually dealt with them.  

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