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Maggie Tuczapska - Any Experience?

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Hi Maggie, welcome to Diamond Review!


I don't know them - which means very little one way or the other - nor can I find any reviews on line (then again, I only spent 2 minutes searching). On the site itself I cannot see anything to particularly recommend or criticise them, including their prices and T&C. Sorry - not much use to you.

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
Diamonds by Lauren (

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I will second Davide's comments: There is nothing particularly remarkable on their site but there seems to be absolutely no information about them online.  To me this would be an issue especially since I have never heard of them either.  Although they do have a couple of interesting styles, I cannot say their prices are particularly good or bad.  What draws you to this particular site?  Are you also looking at some of the more mainstream sites out there?

Laurent George
Diamond Ideals
New York City



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