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Your Favorite Place To Buy Jewelries?


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I may be wrong, but "scared" has nothing to do with it...


The majority of frequent posters on this forum works in the jewellery industry, either as jewellers or associated trades - you can hardly expect them to mention anything other than the company that they work for, which they do with every post (it's in their signature as per forum rules), or nothing at all when - like Denverappraiser, Neil - they need to maintain a neutral position because of their job in appraising other people's pieces.


Infrequent posters come here for advice precisely because they don't know what or where to buy, and they usually do so because of a (usually!) one-off purchase: an engagement ring. Many if not most post once and never seem to return, in some cases not even to say "thanks" for the advice received, never mind responding to a very broad question posed by someone else.


Most people buy jewellery infrequently because of the high cost, and may well buy different types of items in different places, in many cases (I suspect) not returning to the same jewellery store often because they may be looking for something different.


As a jewellery collector, I go to several different sellers depending on what I would like to buy - and many of my purchases (though guided by an underlying theme/taste) also depend on what's on offer at the moment in which I have some money to spare, not least because most of what I buy is estate/antique/second hand and as such more "one off" in character than most other pieces of jewellery.

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Thank god, I thought my thread would be left unanswered. Finally, a reply. Thank you, David. I am also representing an fashion jewelry shopping store. I wish I could also include my link in the signature like you did. I guess I will have to be around for some more days to get that privilege. :)

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You should include the details of the business you work for - including website - in your signature anyway. Partly because the forum rules say so, partly because it is still giving you and your business more visibility.


Having active links (in the posts or signature) generally takes a bit of contribution to the forum - but ask Hermann (the owner and moderator) to be considered. From what I have seen it's not so much a question of time or number of posts but a question of bringing a positive contribution to the forum community.

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