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Question About Ring!


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I got engaged about a year ago. The ring is gorgeous and exactly what I wanted. However, there are visible inclusions in the diamond, I can very easily see them. I figured the ring probably wasn't very expensive because of this, but I didn't mind. Recently though, I found out how much he paid and I am shocked. He paid a ridiculous amount for this ring in my opinion. Now that I know the amount, I feel like he may have gotten ripped off. I just don't think a diamond with such obvious flaws can possibly be worth so much. Can a 1 carrot diamond, with inclusions seen with the eye, still be worth over $9,000? It's a 1.1 carrot center diamond, with 2 smaller stones on the side, with a platinum band.

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Yes, it's perfectly possible to spend over $9,000 for a platinum ring with two side stones and a centre of 1.10 carat (not carrot, BTW) with easily visible inclusions. The question about "value" is much more complicated:


1. It depends on what precisely you bought and where. A high-colour, wellc cut round 1.10 carat bought from an expensive high-street store may well be priced significantly above that and still be a "fair" price. A 1.10 natural fancy pink could even be an absolute bargain at that price!


2. Bear in mind that the setting itself could cost a fair amount - a plain solitaire hand-worked by a well-reputed platinum smith could be several thousands, and a 3-stone ring thousands more.


Do you have lab reports or other documents that came with the ring that tell you more about what you have? This devil is definitely in the detail.

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What drives the price of jewelry is 3 basic components:




Nearly everyone on these boards thinks it's 'fair' for labor and distribution to be zero or close to it, and materials is the topic that gets discussed.  How much is an xxx 'worth' where worth means what is the cheapest price that someone might charge for one.  There's nothing especially wrong with that as a thought process but it's not really the way the world works.  Jewelers are paid.  Craftsmen are paid.  Advertisers are paid.  There's value added by the store.  There's no requirement to shop at an expensive joint and, presumably, people who shop there are getting what they like out of it.  Those who like the no-frills discount sort of place have ample opportunity.


In more like direct answer to your question, there's a search engine at the top of the page called 'diamond finder'.  This is a database you can search for ads from some fairly aggressive vendors.  Easily eye-visible inclusions probably means I-1 or I-2 clarity.  If you know nothing about color but it's visibly white, assume about H.  If you know nothing about cutting, assume 'very good'.  That'll give you a place to start in deciding about competitive offers on at least that particular component.  If you really want to know, seek out an independent appraiser and ask them questions about it.

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