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Pava Diamonds


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Uhm. I assume what you are writing "pava" is actually pavé, which is a French word indicating the use of multiple, usually small, stones set close to each other. Nothing wrong with that. Equally, nothing wrong with round cuts - if anything they cost more per weight than princess cuts, all else being equal.


I think the questions you need to answer are, in order:


1. Do you like it? If so, go to the next step. If you don't, return it: no point in wasting time on something you don't enjoy.


2. What did you actually buy? Here is where the appraiser can help - for example, if you were told you were buying a single large diamond and instead you were given several small ones set next to each other: the former is worth much more (again, everything else being equal). What is the quality of the diamonds? What about the workmanship?


Once you have understood what you have, the last step is


3. Did you pay a fair price for it? Again, a good appraiser should be able to help. If the appraiser's description is significantly different from the vendor's, then you may want to return it if the recipient is expecting something specific. And of course if you have been ripped off but can get your money back, then do so.


Last points to bear in mind:


a. Be quick. Often return periods for items bought in shops are very very short.

b. Be careful about selecting your appraiser. Choosing another retail jeweller, while easy, doesn't necessarily provide you with an impartial opinion on the value.

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