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Will The Diamond Get Stolen Or Swapped While Shipping?

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the diamond gets shipped to the customer via FedEx - if there r some unfortunate events happens along the way, is there any policy or insurance to cover the lost of both parties.

For instance- will the diamond get swap long the way? Return the Dissatisfied diamond back to the vender, then the vender claimed that the diamond isn't the same one as they shipped...that sort of thing.

Or orderred and wired the money already but diamond never send to me? Possible?


I'm purchasing a diamond from Josh - Enchnaed diamond. Currently waiting for the diamond to be sent to me.


I spoke to Josh on the phone and he was great. But after I wire the money to him, then the shipment got delay (my guess it was cuz of the Labor Day) and it made me nervous...a lot.





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FedEx is very secure.  There is a remote possibility that they will lose the package, and yes there is insurance that covers this although the beneficiary is the shipper, not the recipient.  You would make a claim against them, not FedEx, over a lost package. I don't think there is a significant risk that they or anyone in the shipping stream will tamper with the contents.  

It is common for sellers to ship in a way that avoids things like holiday weekends, or even 'regular' weekends for that matter.  I do this for example.  The shipper should be able to provide you with a tracking number when they've shipped.  

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Thank you denverappraiser.  I bought the diamond and it was sent to me safely even it took a little longer cuz of labour holiday.  I had the stone appraised.  It is stunning.  Thank you so much Diamond Finder experts for giving all the knowledge. 

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