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Selling South Sea Pearl Necklace

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I am from India and have this South Sea pearl necklace for $1000 with FREE SHIPPING worldwide. Weight is 156 carats and has 42 pearls of size 9mm each. It's certified and has pure Silver clasp. It comes in a red velvet jewelry box. Anyone interested to buy can contact me on This is the lowest price I am offering.





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South Sea cultured pearls are exceptional quality pearls with a whitish, almost silver color. Much larger than the average pearl, the smoothness and roundness of these pearls are exceptional. These are the most rare and extraordinary pearls you'll find in jewelry. South Sea pearls come from the white-lipped variety of the pinctada maxima oyster. This oyster is much larger than the oysters that produce Akoya and Freshwater pearls, so the pearl that it produces is much larger as well. Because of the rarity and sensitivity of this type of oyster, cultivation of these pearls is much more difficult, making them more expensive.


Very High - High, bright reflections


Very Slightly Spotted - Few visible blemishes on some pearls


Medium - Medium nacre coating


Slightly Off Round - Some pearls may be slightly less round and symmetrical


White - With with rose and/or silver overtones

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