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2 X Gia Diamonds For Sale

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Hi there, 


I have two GIA graded loose diamonds for sale. 


GIA 2186655735

1.00 carat

H Colour

SI2 clarity

6.44 x 6.46 x 3.86


TD 59.8%


Price: £3,250.00 


GIA 2161852115

0.76 carat

J Colour

VS1 Clarity

5.88 x 5.85 x 3.64


TD 62%


Price: £1,700


Send me an email on chandni@diamondsofmanchester.com if you are interested in these!


Kind regards




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Hello Chandni,


Welcome to DiamondReview!


Please note the following from the Classifieds Forum description:




Post non-commercial ads for buying or selling jewelry. You may post contact information (such as your e-mail address); just remember that this is a public forum, so take care not to post anything you would not want the general public to know. All off-topic or commercial messages will be deleted.
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Hi. Im new here, really new, about 10 mins new. 

Wondering , what is wrong with that post?  Unless some have already been deleted that I didn't see   , I can't see what's wrong. It's not a commercial ad ( as in a company/store promotion) , it was her ad, to be contacted via the email address she gave. 

Maybe it was the name " diamonds of Manchester" that leads to the thought of it being a store/business. 


I have something I would like to post but now Im Confused about it. 

How would I go about it? 




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Same advice as above. If you are a business intending to advertise here, contact @hermann, the admin and owner of the site. If you are a consumer intending to buy or sell, feel free to post a classified!

FWIW, when a user posts to advertise several loose diamonds, using something that sounds like a business name and has an email domain corresponding to that user name, I think there is more than a reasonable suspicion that it IS a commercial activity, not a consumer sale. The question is now moot, since the business no longer seems to exist.

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