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Photos Of Brillianteered Diamond And My Loose Diamond Choice


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The brillianteered diamond in a white paper tube shows a defined arrow pattern. 

The 1.51 diamond in a white paper tube does not show a defined pattern but I may be due to tilting of diamond and not in a setting other than the temporary holder.


The 1.50 is in the 6 prong setting and the 1.51 is in the temporary spring setting with 4 prongs on the sides.  I like both diamonds - there are positives & negatives to both.  I think the brillianteered diamond has larger flashes of color and sparkle but seems to look more dull due to the contrast of the shafts/arrows in some lights.  The arrows and shafts are almost gray looking at times and can be noticeable.  The 1.51 is brighter and appears whiter in most lighting.  It has sparkle too, but not as much in low lighting.  I see the smaller arrows in it at times but they are skinnier and more like a mirror effect.  It has a slight bigger diameter and I think would look larger in the setting.


I am really torn on which to select!  Should I be able to easily see the shafts and arrows on a diamond?  (sort of grayish looking when I look at the brillianteered diamond?)  Is that normal or part of the process of brillianteering?

Here's the link to the brillianteered diamond so you can see stats:




Here's the 1.51 which has a shallow crown angle and deeper pav. angle:



Any expert opinions?  I had decided this morning to keep the 1.51 due to brightness, then I keep looking at the big flashes of sparkle in the 1.50 brillianteered and seeing the arrow pattern and think I should keep it!



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To the extent that I can guess, the brillianteering has nothing to do with the way in which the arrows are visible; it's the combination of pavilion and lower girdle angles that does it... and possibly the setting: typically, holders leave the stone almost totally free under the pavilion, whereas a ring will have "something" underneath.


For me it would be an easy choice: I like contrast and fire - and will often choose an old cut over a modern superideal because of that. That doesn't make the other stone ugly or wrong... What does your husband prefer?

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My husband prefers I hurry and make up my mind so I can return one of them.  LOL  <_<


He agrees the loose stone is brighter but he thinks the brillianteered stone has more depth and interest (maybe because you see more contrast.)  He told me he was going to choose and take the burden off me if I don't hurry!  I honestly like them both and am leaning toward the loose stone only because of the brightness it has in outdoor lighting and because it's slightly larger.  Then I look at the brillianteered stone in low light and see larger flashes and rethink my decision.


I asked James Allen about resetting and they said it wouldn't be an issue - but I hope it doesn't ruin the setting in some way.  It's a very low set setting.  I'd hate it if I got it reset and then had issues with the prongs not looking right!

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I spend a good deal of time inside, but mostly under bright lights.  (I work from home in a well lit area with 3 windows providing natural light in addition to fluorescent lighting.)  Both diamonds look awesome in my workroom!  I pretty much decided to send back the ring and have it reset with the new diamond.  Since I love them both, I decided to go with the slightly larger diameter!  The new diamond has medium fluorescence so maybe that makes it look whiter for a J color?  Not sure, but it seems whiter!


Thank you for your input Davide!

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A blue fluorescent stone may appear whiter in sunlight, especially if the sunlight is unfiltered through glass. However, I suspect what you are seeing is a combination of 2 things: 1) a brighter stone tends to appear whiter anyway and 2) J, like all colours is a range from just-not-I to just-not-K and it's possible the 1.51 is more towards the "just-not-I" end than the 1.50, plus whatever effect you get from the fluorescence.


Good luck with the choice; please let us know when you get the ring back (and Happy New Year in the meantime!)

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