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I used [name redacted]. I found everything was unique and the product itself was exactly what I asked for... no complaints from me (or the wife!). The price was amazing too.


Good luck :-)


Would you mind telling us more about what you bought, Jack? And why are you answering to a thread that is a year old?

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would you please tell us that which area you'll prefer for diamond jewelry delivery....

"We deliver 24/7 and if your diamond is not warm when it gets to you, you get your money back" kind of thing?


visited your website right now! nice products available online :)

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1 hour ago, JJohnsmithjs said:


Lots of jewelry online shops are there from where we can easily be ordered a jewelry at cheap rates and avail offers.

But not everyone provides good quality products.So we need to be careful while purchasing jewelry online.

I can suggest you two sites from where I purchased some fashion jewelry.They have good quality and huge collections.

  1. spam link redacted
  2. spam link redacted

Thank you

Weren't you the one who didn't know what jewelry to use for a wedding but would not give any details? Now suddenly here you are giving advice to others...

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