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Larimar And Diamond Setting?


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Hello friends,


What do you think about an exotic ring setting? I would like to mix larimar and diamond on a proposal ring for my dear one. I intend to propose to her on a trip that we are planning to make to the Dominican Republic. (I gave her a few jewelleries from www.larimar.com, and she loves it, so it won't be completely out of the blue)


What are my options? What types of settings could I use? Larimar should be just the secondary stone, right? 


Thanks for your time,


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Do be aware that pectolite (the generic name for the brand larimar) is decidedly soft and you're going to have a durability problem in an engagement ring since they're normally worn most of the time. Also be aware that what you're asking about will surely be a custom job for the shop and if you'll only be there for a few days, you may want to start the process before you go. That said, have fun.

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The stone is soft.  One might call it very soft.  You can't scratch it with your fingernails but it's not too far beyond that.  It's considerably softer than quartz for example.  That's important because quartz is the #1 mineral ingredient in dirt.  Worn daily in a ring, she will kill the polish quickly.  That may be ok, and if she's careful it'll last longer, but this is the reason you don't see this stuff in bridal jewelry. 

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There is no way a setting is going to make a (siginficant) difference on durability, unless you "bury" the larimar under something else. It's so soft that the problem will show up on polish way before it is an issue with scratches or chips (which a more enclosed setting may help with). 


Some alternatives:


Turquoise or Lapislazuli if you are thinking about non-transparent/translucent larimar/pectolite (both are still soft-ish, but significantly harder than larimar - I still would not recommend either for an engagement ring)


Sapphire, aquamarine, tourmaline, amethyst, topaz (mostly irradiated when blue) if you are looking for a transparent/translucent stone. All of these are hard enough to withstand some abuse, but I would say that only sapphire or topaz (aqua at a pinch) are really hard enough for everyday wear.

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