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Investing In Diamonds

Paul Sandberg

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7 hours ago, nkc said:

This will definitely have an impact on the price of mined diamonds.

The wide availability of synthetic rubies, sapphires, emeralds and alexandrites hasn't had a great impact on the price of natural gems. Pearls - different story. Which way diamonds will play out is still very open, I'd say.

7 hours ago, nkc said:

One day, we might have the ability to create lab diamonds at home at a low cost.

I doubt that will ever be the case - largely out of the physics involved and the demand for diamonds in a home is slightly different from the demand for information... 😉

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But, we're not talking about synthetic diamonds here. Lab diamonds are not synthetic diamonds and, as I understand, are indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

True that it does not seem possible to create diamonds at home. But this is what we know today. There's no telling what will be discovered in the future. We might never be able to make diamonds at home but the technology will definitely improve and the cost will go down. People in the old days never though it is possible to go to the moon. Solar cells were not as efficient as they are today, etc. May be these are not good examples but I'm trying to say that technology will have an impact on diamond prices and I would never invest in diamonds. That does not mean I will never buy a diamond.


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'Lab diamonds' are synthetic diamonds - in fact it's the name 'lab diamonds' that is a misnomer since they are synthesized in factories, not in laboratories (at least those for sale are - of course experimentation in labs is still happening). They are real diamonds, just like synthetic rubies/sapphires/emeralds are real rubies/sapphires/emeralds (and some of them can be really difficult to differentiate from natural ones too) and cultivated pearls are real pearls - they just aren't the accidental product of natural forces. I believe you are thinking of simulants - perhaps this may be useful? https://www.diamondreview.com/tutorials/simulant-vs-synthetic-diamonds

Also, FWIW, diamonds synthesized with all currently available processes (HPHT, CVD, magnetostriction and microdetonation) can all be distinguished with good certainty from natural diamonds - although in same cases it requires expensive and complicated equipment.

Finally - the issue with "home-grown" diamonds is that the (very extreme) physical conditions for the growth of diamond are fairly well known AND the demand/use for diamonds beyond industrial uses (by definition not domestic) and personal ornamentation is limited: what would you want to grow diamonds in your home for? And they don't grow ready faceted or in the precise size you want them, either...

The demand for access to information and communication on a personal level is not as limited - various PDAs ("Personal Digital Assistants") were introduced as early as the early 1990s - they mostly failed because the technology wasn't there, but the R&D was done because there was demand. Did I predict that the iPhone would be as successful as it has been? No, but it was pretty obvious that it was going to be a big success, because there was demand for 'something like that'.

Technology may have an effect on diamond prices - whether the effect is significant or not is an open question; there are examples of both in the gem world (rubies and pearls, to repeat from above).

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Yes, based on the link you sent, Lab diamonds are also called synthetic diamonds.

Regardless of the name, I would not invest in diamonds due to many other reasons in addition to the presence and/ or future advancement of lab diamonds.

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2 hours ago, selenajustin2020 said:

I have got some shares in a marine diamond  industry and i believe investing in diamonds is one of the most profitable business

And since you are a first-time poster with no credentials or contributions, I wish you all the luck in the world with that.

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