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  1. barry

    Feather durability risk ?

    Profile, facing the feather, and perhaps also a top down if the feather is closer to the bezel facet. Good Luck.
  2. barry

    Feather durability risk ?

    If the feather is close to or even slightly shows a break at the girdle surface, it might pose a durability issue. Best for you to talk to their Customer service rep and perhaps get a side view picture to assuage your concern.
  3. barry

    Debating Between 3 Diamonds

    #2 will look bigger than its carat weight and certainly bigger than the other two diamonds.
  4. barry

    Debating Between 3 Diamonds

    Specs on all look very good. I would choose #2 (1.07 carat) based on the specs (picture would be helpful). Spread is excellent at 6.58 MM. Are these all graded by GIA?
  5. To remove the VS-1 primary grader inclusion resulting in a bump up to IF clarity.
  6. barry

    Shallow Crown?

    Where did you get the notion/ that a 33 degree crown is shallow? A Crown under 30 degrees is considered shallow and in many instances is accompanied with a razor thin girdle which is susceptible to chipping and fracturing. Medium girdle is fine. The specs on this diamond are very good and it should be a face up sparkler.
  7. GIA diamond grading standards are uniform and strict, regardless of venue. The "advice" this 'highly rated jewelry store' gave you is total BS. No question that for 6k, you can do much better than an .80-1.00 carat 'ok' diamond. Strong blue fluorescence can sometimes be visually picked up and in majority of cases it is a positive with the diamond emitting a pleasing face up blue white glow. The best study ever done on the effects of fluorescence on a diamonds face up color and transparency was done by GIA in 1998. Here is the link: Well worth your time to read.
  8. barry

    Looking To Buy Next 24 Hours, Advice On A Diamond :)

    To be fair; that coloration may be due to lighting artifact and the vendor has indicated there is no color tinge. The salient point here, as I've previously mentioned, is the restrictive Customs regulations in your country regarding import returns. To simplify and allay uncertainties, it would probably be best for you to focus on an AGS/GIA eye clean Si-1 and lower carat weight.
  9. barry

    Looking To Buy Next 24 Hours, Advice On A Diamond :)

    Cushions are a whole other ballgame and come in a variety of facet alignments.
  10. barry

    Looking To Buy Next 24 Hours, Advice On A Diamond :)

    The 40.2 pavilion angle will mitigate any tint or hue and the stone will face up white. Med. blue fluorescence won't affect the face up color. I think the real issue you have is with non-refundable customs duty in case you want to return the stone.
  11. barry

    Looking To Buy Next 24 Hours, Advice On A Diamond :)

    What style ring are you setting this diamond? Prong or Bezel, solitaire or with accent diamonds?
  12. barry

    Buying Diamonds Blind - Do You?

    Excellent advice from David & Neal.
  13. barry

    Can't Decide - Engagement Ring Center Stone

    If the sides stones are i'j, then a J color center will be perfect. If the side stones are G-H. I would stick with g-h sides as well.
  14. barry

    Can't Decide - Engagement Ring Center Stone

    It depends: Is your ring a prong style or Halo/Bezel? If prong, then you can go down to a well cut I color and it will face up white. I would even recommend J color, but you might consider that pushing the white color limit. For halo/Bezel style rings, or rings with accent stones running down the band sides, I would cap it at G color.