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    Forum upgrades & Happy Holidays!

    Hi everyone, just a quick announcement that we will be upgrading the forum later this week and this weekend. The upgrade is basically to go to the latest version of the forum software. We're currently running a version that, while it works fairly well, is now over 2+ years old and is starting to look & feel dated. Plus, I'm sure you've noticed all the spam lately. The new software includes fairly tight controls on spam, and is therefore one of the primary reasons for the upgrade. I just can't keep up. Along with the upgrade, I have also purchased a new extremely fast dedicated server that is being installed and configured tomorrow and Thursday, in preparation for the upgrade over the weekend. There is nothing you need to do in advance to prepare for the upgrade. All accounts, postings, messages, etc., will stay exactly as they are. The only catch is that the site may be unavailable starting late Saturday and into early Sunday morning. I don't expect this timing will impact many of you, but if it does, my apologies in advance. Finally, as we're now in the second week of December, I want to take a moment and wish everyone happy holidays and a safe & festive rest of the year. Thanks to our regulars in our little community, it's been a great year, and I have a lot of ideas to make it a whole lot better for all of us next year. Cheers! Hermann
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    James Allen, Blue Niles Are Just Middle Men?

    I moved it earlier this evening. The most likely reason you haven't received any answers is because it was invisible, stuck in the moderation queue of the FAQ section all day after you posted it there. Hopefully, you will receive a few answers, perhaps even from James Allen themselves which do frequent this forum, though I will note that it is the weekend before Christmas so many of the jewelers will be very busy.
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    Proposal Tips and Advice!

    Wait until after Christmas eve dinner... maybe after everyone else has gone to bed, and it's just the two of you enjoying a quiet Christmas moment later in the night, with all the twinkling Christmas lights behind you and all around you. And by all means, you definitely do not need to "get down on one knee" to propose. Do it whatever way works for you. Congratulations to you, and best of luck!
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    Strong Blue Floresence?

    Hi Ian, this is a fairly common question. See the link below: http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=2021
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    Forum upgrades & Happy Holidays!

    Hi everyone, just a quick update to let you know that the forum upgrade is now complete. This includes the new "look & feel" which should now be self-evident, and a new "Gallery" function that allows the creation of photo albums, posting of photos, etc. If you have feedback (good or bad), please send it along! Also, as a reminder -- I have tested the new software fairly extensively. However, as with all new software, if you find anything that doesn't seem quite right, by all means please let me know. Just send me a private message. Happy holidays! Hermann
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    Forum upgrades & Happy Holidays!

    Yep, I tried it earlier. I tried the gallery and I don't have permission for that. I guess that's a feature for later? Hmm... Don't know. It should work now. I'll definitely add this to the list and revisit later this week when the full upgrade is completed.
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    Forum upgrades & Happy Holidays!

    Hi, thanks for the report. I believed uploading of images is now fixed.
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    Forum upgrades & Happy Holidays!

    Thanks, and I just hired a designer to make it look like the rest of the website. Should be ready in a few days. In the meantime, I thank everyone in advance for bearing with the site in its current state! Also, just a reminder that as with all new software, if you see anything that doesn't work right that used to work before, don't be shy about sending me a brief note. Hermann
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    Forum upgrades & Happy Holidays!

    Hi all, Just an update on the upgrades. The upgrade to the new server is now complete. We were previously in a fairly fast machine; however, diamond.info now runs on a very fast, dedicated server housed in a state-of-the-art data center. Nothing is more annoying than a slow website; that will never be the case here! We also upgraded the software, but the "skin" needs to be reconfigured. This should happen within the next few days, so that the logo appears where it's supposed to. In addition to upgraded software, we added a fully integrated Photo Gallery so you can more easily share photos of all the beautiful jewelry of the world. Click on "Gallery" on the top right to get to it. More updates soon... Take care all, Hermann
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    flourescence good or not good

    There is already a nice thread on fluorescence in the FAQ area. If there is any more to be added, please do so there. Here is the link. http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=2021 To avoid repetition of the same information, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread and invite you to post at the above link. Thanks! Hermann
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    Shopping for a diamond dealer

    What about all those cutlets and gridles?
  12. hermann

    Shopping for a diamond dealer

    Denver, thanks for starting this topic. This sounds like an excellent thread to eventually move into the FAQ section. I'll do that in a few days after all the regulars have had a chance to chime in.
  13. hermann

    Urgent question on diamond sites

    Diamond.com has been off this site for over a year now, so no skin off of my back. Still, it's always sad to hear of failures in our industry, especially when it appears Odimo poured close to $100M into this venture.
  14. hermann

    Urgent question on diamond sites

    Odimo, the company that backs Diamond.com, is getting out of the online diamond business. They filed a 10Q today with the SEC to that effect. They appear to be trying to sell all their inventory at cost, which would explain the low prices. It also means they may not be there if there's a problem with the diamond down the road.
  15. hermann

    Is this a bad price

  16. hermann


    This is a very frequently asked question. The answers are here: http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=1443
  17. hermann

    Are the prices quoted here wholesale or retail?

    They are actual prices of diamonds being offered by actual jewelers to actual consumers. Call them whatever you wish. As to adjustments from retail to wholesale or vice-versa, your guess is as good as mine... it depends on the stone, the supplier/customer relationship, market conditions, the level of experience of the buyer & seller agents, and many other factors that change day to day.
  18. hermann

    how can you tell a real diamond from a fake

    This is a very common question. Please read the FAQ: http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=1443
  19. hermann

    is this wholesale diamond price

    The prices listed on the database are the actual offering prices of various retailers to the consumer. Whether you want to call them "wholesale" or "market" or "retail" prices is up to you. :-)
  20. hermann

    New shopper seeking help

    You seem like you have a lot of experience with diamonds. I'm quite looking forward to reading your in-depth posts.
  21. hermann

    New shopper seeking help

    I believe it serves us all best if someone finds it necessary to address your (or anyone else's) posts when warranted. As we all know, there is plenty of misinformation and ulterior motives rampant throughout the Internet and sadly on this (as all other) forums as well. The best way to let the truth shine through all the clutter and misinformation is to have members challenge one another on the facts. With regard to self-promotion, please read the Forum Rules (see the link on the top of the page) and please abide by them each and every time you post. There are many valued "regulars" here (that also happen to be jewelers) and who abide by the rules perfectly. I would be doing them (not to mention our visitors) a great disservice if I did not enforce the rules consistently. Thanks for reading, and welcome to Diamond.info!
  22. amygal has been banned and all his/her posts deleted.
  23. hermann

    Best place to Buy an online Diamond?

    It looks like we have our first banned user. The website listed on his signature is another of these so-called information sites.
  24. hermann

    A reminder of the Forum Rules

    Dear Diamond.info Community Members, Over the past few days/weeks there has been a significant amount of questionable activity on Diamond.info with regard to self-promotion. The rules have always been in place, but to be quite honest, I've been giving users the benefit of the doubt. Now that I have received several complaints from several valued members, I intend to begin enforcing these rules stringently. There is a link on the top of the page labeled "Click here to read the FORUM RULES before posting". I suggest we all take a moment to read the rules. In particular, here are the rules regarding promotion: In case you're wondering, the rule regarding the posting of other jewelry information websites is in place because a great number of websites out there (in fact, the vast majority) contain advice and suggestions that, while labeled as "unbiased information", are actually designed to make you purchase from specific vendors that then kick back money to the information website (ie hence "biased"!). I believe that to be a disservice to consumers, and don't want Diamond.info to have any part in sending unknowing consumers to those websites. The only exceptions I will consider are links/references to organizations such as GIA and AGS that are 1) well-known and respected in the jewelry trade, and 2) existed prior to 1995. Effective immediately, any messages containing links or references to any information websites (other than the exceptions noted above) will be deleted immediately and without warning. Further, the continued posting of such messages will result in deletion/banning of users. Just to be clear, as stated in the Forum Rules, jewelers and appraisers are and have always been permitted (and encouraged) to include a clean link to their business in their signature as long as it's not obscenely peppered with self-promotion. Thank you very much for your cooperation, and for your continued use of Diamond.info! Hermann
  25. hermann

    Experience at New York Diamond District ???

    dw00001, for the record, a link to ebay is fine if it's posted by a potential buyer.