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  1. I assume you're referring to posting photos of their recently purchased engagement ring. If so, feel free to post such photos here on this forum.
  2. hermann

    "adylon" Makes The News ;)

    Congrats!! :-)
  3. hermann

    Tiffany & Co. Diamond Wedding Ring

    Yes. Next to each of your posts, you should see an Edit button and a Delete button. You can either delete your entire post, or just edit your original post and state that it has been sold, it's no longer for sale, or whatever.
  4. hermann

    Tiffany & Co. Diamond Wedding Ring

    Hello, this is a friendly reminder that this section of Diamond Review is reserved strictly for personal, non-commercial sales. If you are a professional, please delete your postings. Otherwise, please explain the circumstance under which you have so many items for sale all at once.
  5. hermann

    Happy New Years To All!!!

    And a happy 2008 to you, Judah, and to all the Diamond Review regulars out there!! Cheers, Hermann
  6. Warranted or not, this is an attack on Bradley, and is not permitted under the Forum Rules. Please report issues by clicking on the "Report" button on each thread. DO NOT ATTACK BACK. I will deal with offenders. Update: I'm experimenting with the "warn" system on this board. After 3 warnings, members will be banned.
  7. Thank you Neil, for taking the high road.
  8. hermann

    Need Help On Picking The Right Stone

    Enough. This thread is now locked.
  9. JohnQuixote, Bradley, diamondsbylauren, et al: Just a friendly reminder that dealer-to-dealer issues should be kept off the public areas of the forum. Thanks!
  10. hermann

    Need Help On Picking The Right Stone

    For that, I will defer to the others on here. They are much, much better qualified to offer that type of critique than I am or ever will be! :-)
  11. hermann

    Need Help On Picking The Right Stone

    You can find reviews about James Allen and many others here: http://www.ivouch.com/jamesallen Good luck on your search!
  12. hermann

    Info & Experiences Requested

    Our sister site, http://www.diamondreview.com, has a lot of jeweler reviews you may find helpful. For those who are wondering, those reviews will appear on diamond.info soon.
  13. hermann

    Beethoven's Diamond Hair

    Yep, there appear to be quite a few bids, and current bid is $201,000. Amazing... Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/Diamond-Created-from-L...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. hermann

    Pricescope Acquired/sold?

    I heard a rumor that pricescope was sold/acquired recently. Anyone have the skinny? PM me if you prefer private.
  15. hermann

    Pricescope Acquired/sold?

    The law, as I understand it (I am not a lawyer) is that the hosting site (such as diamond.info) does NOT have responsibility for defamatory material as long as we/I are not the ones to post it, and as long we do not actively edit/approve the content as it is posted. So, if JoeBlow posts something defamatory against MaryDoe on the diamond.info forum, MaryDoe can certainly take legal action against JoeBlow, but NOT against diamond.info. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is crystal clear about this; we are "merely a computer services provider". Unfortunately, there are many that do not understand the law, and just start sending out threatening letters with no legal basis (and unfortunately, some attorneys ill-advise their clients just to rack up the hourly fees required to write up such letters). I've gotten quite a few these letters/threats over the years. Luckily, one of my family members works for one of the big law firms, and is a well-known litigation attorney... so I'm able to respond effectively and conclusively (and cost-effectively!), so haven't had any real problems yet. This is another reason I tend to stay out of the way in most discussions that happen here. On that note, it sounds like there's been reconciliation over previous issues between various members that occurred on another forum. I'm glad that's the case, and suggest we keep the hatched well-buried and continue to treat each other cordially and respectfully. Cheers, Hermann
  16. hermann

    Finding A Diamond On A Beach?

    I would say go ahead and "embarrass yourself"! I put that in quotes because I don't think there's any embarrassment whatsoever. Everything you've done indicates it may very well be a diamond, so this is the logical next step. Good luck!
  17. hermann

    Topic Deleted?

    It was riddled with spam from another user who was posting with multiple accounts, so I just blew away the whole thing. Sorry; please feel free to restart it if you'd like, I think it's a good topic (minus the spam!) Hermann
  18. hermann

    Pricescope Acquired/sold?

    I too wish Leonid well. He and I talked often back in the early days as my site and his were just beginning. He and I obviously diverged in our various ways of running things and are obviously competitors, but I always hold the highest respect for him and wish him well in whatever he's doing next. I'm curious -- does the site have a new owner (and if so, who?) or are they retaining ownership and just having the new admin run the site while they focus on other things?
  19. hermann

    The Passing Of Bill 'rockdoc' Lieberum

    Stumbled upon this article about Rockdoc's recent passing. Some nice quotes and good background. http://www.jckonline.com/article/CA6455676.html
  20. hermann

    The Passing Of Bill 'rockdoc' Lieberum

    This is indeed sad news. Every one of my interactions with "Rockdoc" was always lively. He was one of those individuals who was never afraid to speak his mind, always drawing from his amazing knowledge, and always eager to share it to make us all more informed. We will miss him greatly.
  21. hermann

    Getting Hired

    It's always feels good to see a new member of our industry approach it with so much energy & enthusiasm. Congratulations on your upcoming interview, and definitely let us know how it goes!
  22. hermann

    Vegas Show

    Thanks John for the in-depth report. Given all the chatter about the internet, it sounds like I picked the wrong year to skip the show! :-( I will definitely be there next year, and will definitely organize a "Diamond Review get-together"! Hermann
  23. hermann

    Great Service In Vancouver

    Both of the above postings were made from the same IP address. To add insult to injury, the IP address points to the mail subdomain of the website mentioned above (according to nic.com). Consumers, decide for yourselves if these postings are legitimate. Topic closed.
  24. hermann

    Vegas Show

    I usually go, but this year I decided to skip it... mainly because I've been to Vegas way too much these last few months. Only so much I can take of that town. How did it compare to other years? Just had an idea. How about next year, we get a group of any diamond.info regulars that happen to be at the show together for a small gathering? My treat!
  25. hermann

    Posting Problem

    PM sent to who?? To you! :-)