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    Halloween Fun, Part Ii

    Dracula! Muahahahahahahaha
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    What Do You Look For In A Forum?

    I caught a cold!!!!! But, I guarantee you, that will not prevent me from doing it again
  3. hermann

    What Do You Look For In A Forum?

    Hail to the "regulars" We have a ridiculous amount of "lurker" traffic. It certainly is puzzling that more people don't stick around. BTW, a few usability enhancements and a professionally designed look (colors, fonts, etc.) are coming in the next week or two. It's rainy here in San Francisco... that's rare, so I think I'll go for a walk
  4. hermann

    What Do You Look For In A Forum?

    Thanks Neil
  5. hermann

    Natural Coloured Diamonds

    Yeah Neil this is almost certainly spam and likely a scheme to defraud investors, but let's have some fun and see what the "pitch" is. My finger is softly caressing the "delete" button... LOL
  6. hermann

    Social Networking

    My policy on incoming add requests: If I don't know you, I won't add you. Period. Generally speaking I add just about anyone else, as long as I know them from some other place, even if I've only met them online and not face-to-face. A lot of these strange add requests come from potential spammers, hackers, etc.
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    Feedback & Tech Support

    Hmmm thanks for pointing that out. I must have dropped it when I integrated the new software. I'll look into this right away.
  8. hermann

    Sona Diamond

    No discussion about simulants allowed on the forum. Thread locked.
  9. hermann

    Davide Levi Joins The Diamonds By Lauren Team

  10. Here's a link to that article: http://www.diamondreview.com/articles/diamond-fluorescence
  11. Lately I've noticed there have been a lot of posts concerning non-natural diamonds. Should we create a separate forum for these discussions? I even thought of a name -- The Frock :-), but very open to other ideas. This new proposed area would be for simulants & synthetics alike, and once created, we would seed the new forum with all existing relevant topics. Thoughts? Comments?
  12. Brilliantly done! Thank you! I went ahead and pinned it to the top and closed it to further posts to keep spammers from taking advantage of the preferred placement.
  13. It's done. Feedback? Any volunteers to write a nice, comprehensive post that clearly defines "simulants" vs. "synthetics" and other confusing issues, once and for all, so we can get people at least talking in the same language? I'll "pin" and "lock" such a post at the top of the forum, for the world to see into eternity.
  14. We'll go with The Manmade Rock, and then I'll endeavor to put together a description. I have a few other things I need to do this weekend but if I have time I'll start the new forum and move all relevant threads to the new forum.
  15. I agree wholeheartedly. We may have a winner for a name. Picture this for a forum list: - The Rock - The Manmade Rock - ... (other forums) Of course, with each will be a concise description that Manmade means synthetics, simulants, etc., basically anything that is not a natural, mined diamond, and yes Neil the forum header can have a concise sticky post that defines the basic terms and tries to eliminate all the confusion. Any other thoughts before I pull the trigger on "The Manmade Rock"?
  16. Only problem is, "SynthRock" excludes simulants, or implies that simulants are the same as synthetics. The name should fit with the name of our natural diamond forum which is currently called "The Rock". One thought I had was "The Alternative Rock", for a little play on words. However per Barry's and DenverAppraiser's comments, there's much to be said for plainspeak... So... torn... however I'm ready to pull the trigger on the new forum as soon as I (or one of you) think of a name.
  17. Any ideas for a name? The main forum is called "The Rock". I was thinking about "The Frock" but I don't want the name to in any way insinuate inferiority or anything of the sort toward synthetics/simulants. Other ideas?
  18. CONSUMERS Looking for jeweler reviews & testimonials? There are thousands of comprehensive reviews available on iVouch: Web-based Diamond Jeweler Reviews on iVouch Local Diamond Jeweler Reviews on iVouch If you'd like to post a testimonial, please do it on iVouch.com and not here. JEWELERS If you are a jeweler who prides on great service and satisfied customers, we strongly urge you to join iVouch. Just go to http://www.ivouch.com/biz to learn more. You can join for free, or if you choose the paid service, be sure to use the promo code "diamond" for a nice discount.
  19. hermann

    Should We Buy At Home Or In Us?

    I can confirm that Diamondexpro = israel-diamonds.com. The post does violate the Forum Rules (self-promotion) and therefore I would normally delete it, but since Neil took the time to respond to it and it does appear to be an innocent first-time mistake, I will leave it. Diamondexpro, welcome to the forum! Please take the time to read the Forum Rules (very bottom of the page, 3rd link from the left).
  20. hermann

    Can A Diamond Be Re-cut?

    Abe, Welcome to the forum. Neither I nor anyone else here wants to discourage your participation, but it looks like you are in violation of a good number of our Forum Rules. Please take a moment now to read them, familiarize yourself with them, and abide by them. Just scroll down to the bottom of any page, and click on the link labeled "Forum Rules". I also sent you a private message so we can work out the issue of your screen name -- the Forum Rules clearly state that the name of a business cannot be part of your screen name. Thanks
  21. hermann

    Database Queries

    Sounds easy enough to add the cut grading. fyi, I'm looking at a timeline of mid-July to mid-August for the site cleanup, to include the above.
  22. hermann

    Database Queries

    It sounds like a filter, not a sort, is the proper way to handle the certs. Which additional cut parameters would you recommend I ask for? And how reasonably could vendors provide them? It is easy enough to provide a search summary, i.e., "483,948 results, but only the first 10,000 shown". Not so easy to do the graph you described (or any graph for that matter). That would (1) require that the user have a plug-in like Flash (which I'm not too keen on), and (2) require that I actually learn how to program in Flash (again, not too keen on that either). Maybe some day... :-) Feel free to email me and let's discuss offline. I am in the midst of adding enhancements to the site so now is definitely the time for ideas.
  23. hermann

    Database Queries

    Easy enough to do, but I'm not sure it's what you really want. If we make Cert sortable, that gives you the ability to filter by AGS and really nothing else because it will take too long to get to the bottom down to GIA, and besides, the search always truncates after a certain number of diamonds. Perhaps what you're really asking for is to *filter* by particular certs? AGS and GIA for sure, and perhaps EGL as well?
  24. hermann

    Consumers Beware!

    Married, Thanks for removing the peppered links. Just a clarification. I don't mind if you provide your link, like others do here, as part of your identity in your signature. Once again I refer you to the Forum Rules (third link from the left at the very bottom of this page), the policies are pretty clearly laid out there.
  25. hermann

    Consumers Beware!

    MarriedToDiamonds, While I will let the others speak about the content of your website & messages, I find your blatant insertions of hyperlinks throughout all your messages to your own website objectionable. It's obvious search-engine spam, and clearly forbidden under the Forum Rules. Please edit all your messages and remove the hyperlinks. You're welcome to stick around and participate in discussions, but you must refrain from such linking in the future. If the links are not edited out within 24 hours, I will delete this entire topic and ban you from the site.