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    Where Is The Search Link?

    The search box is coming (back).... I'm up to my neck in another project right now, but once that's done (another month or so), I plan to make some more improvements to this site, and the top one on the list is the search box. Along those lines, if there are any more suggestions or "would-like-to-haves" please post them here! I am slow :-), but I do listen! :-)
  2. hermann

    11.01 Carat, Fancy Yellow, Radiant, Vs1,gia

    This spammer is blocked for good.
  3. hermann

    Making A Wise Investment With Color Diamonds

    What a bunch of crap, LOL Echo what Laurie said about moderation, though I'm not as nice. I just delete, delete, delete.
  4. hermann

    Synthetic Diamond Dealers

    There's another FAQ here, written by davidelevi: http://www.diamondreview.com/articles/simulant-vs-synthetic-diamonds
  5. hermann

    Mother’S Day Is Around The Corner

    Laurie, thx for staying on top of junk like this. I see you deleted the name of the company & links. In the future feel free to just nuke the entire topic if you want.
  6. hermann

    Little Sparklers, Small World

    LOL, agree with Davide, only a woman can get away with something like that.
  7. hermann

    Getting Engaged On Holidays?

    I proposed on Memorial weekend.
  8. hermann

    Time Stamp Dislplay?

    Click on your name on top right (registration & sign-in/out box), select "Settings", and that should let you change to your timezone. It probably defaults to Pacific bc that's where I am :-)
  9. As you have all probably noticed, there's been a tremendous increase in spam lately. The trend seems to go beyond Diamond Review, as even Google has recently reported an increase in spam across the internet. To help combat the problem, today I added a "challenge question" to the registration process. The challenge question gets selected randomly out of a pool of questions I've created... these are very simple questions such as "what color is the white house?" that are easy (and in some cases funny) for humans, but should hopefully thwart the automated spam software (so-called "spam-bots"). Over the weekend I will also investigate adding an automated anti-spam tool provided by the vendors of this forum software. I also plan to look at a couple of other things on the "to-do" list, such as reinstating the search, etc. Anyway, just wanted our loyal users to know that I'm very aware of the problem and doing everything I can to fix it. Hermann
  10. hermann

    Increase In Spam

    It's true, I installed the anti-spam service on Tuesday or so and the spam has gone way down... at least it's not out of control like it was. Still, I am looking to implement a customized registration form that will thwart the spam software... the spammers would need to customize their software to DR's form, which is unlikely. Stay tuned... thanks Laurie for swiftly swashbuckling the few remaining spammers that are still getting through. :-)
  11. hermann

    Increase In Spam

    Update on the spam situation... I ordered the spam service from the vendor a few days ago, but for whatever reason they're taking forever to get it installed. In the meantime, please bear with us. I check the site several times a day (as does Laurie) and we're relentlessly trying to keep the spam off. However we are fighting against automated software (so-called "spam-bots") so it is a losing battle until we implement the above changes. I'll post another update here once I have news. Have a great weekend!
  12. hermann

    Increase In Spam

    Yep, I couldn't agree more. Spam and viruses truly are a blessing for many software companies, because it forces customers to stay "tethered" to the maker of the software. And as you know, whenever there's a tether, there's a money flow.... LOL
  13. hermann

    Increase In Spam

    Well, it looks like the spammers are laughing at my challenge question. Laurie and I have been deleting spam relentlessly all weekend, and it still comes back. So, it's time to take the next step: An anti-spam service provided by the makers of this software. I've already submitted a request for a license key (it's a paid service, every month) and when I get it, I'll activate it. I'll post a message here once this is done.
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    Joke Of The Day

  15. hermann

    Increase In Spam

    The problem is, the forum software is not customizable at that level. I added the challenge question a little while ago, and just deleted a bunch of new spam... don't know if the spammer had gotten through before or after I implemented the challenge question, but if things don't get better in another day or so I will take more drastic measures, including the anti-spam service I mentioned to you privately, and more if I need to.
  16. hermann

    Joke Of The Day

    Uhhhh, at the risk of sounding dense.... I don't get it! Explain? :-)
  17. hermann

    Other Gemstones

    I'll be glad to support it, if there's interest.
  18. hermann

    What Happened To The Old Posts?

    Looking into it this week
  19. hermann

    Childhood Silliness

    Hmmm - good point. Does a TI-58C count as a computer? The TI-58C counts as a doorstop.... j/k :-), of course it counts!!
  20. hermann

    Childhood Silliness

    Computers.... I started playing with them at 11 years old. Maybe that's why I love my work (computer stuff) so much!
  21. hermann

    New Introduction From Zarfati Irani

    Welcome aboard! Tell us a bit about yourself?
  22. hermann

    What Happened To The Old Posts?

    BTW, the faq post you referred to regarding conflict diamonds was also copied to here: http://www.diamondreview.com/articles/conflict-diamonds so it was definitely not lost.
  23. hermann

    What Happened To The Old Posts?

    Wow, yes, thanks for pointing that out. Weird. On first look I don't know what happened here but will investigate. It certainly does look like it's specific to some of Neil's old postings so one hypothesis is that it may be a character encoding & translation issue related to the recent upgrade (ASCII to UTF8 perhaps?). Will need to pull old backups and consult with forum software vendor.
  24. hermann

    What Happened To The Old Posts?

    The FAQ is still there, that hasn't changed at all: http://www.diamondreview.com/forum/forum/11-the-rock-frequently-asked-questions-faqs/ And some of the FAQ questions have been moved over under articles: http://www.diamondreview.com/articles Nothing has been deleted, at least that I'm aware of (I was traveling overseas for the past 5 days and did not have internet access)
  25. hermann

    Done Moving!

    It's very hard to throw away stuff, I agree. However, it's easy to store. Grab those moving boxes and store your items, neatly labeling each box, and then neatly stacking them in a garage or storage unit. Make the boxes easy to manipulate, move, and store, that's the key. Use high-quality boxes, try to stick to the same size, make them stackable, etc. Of course, as you're storing stuff, keep the trash bin (or a Goodwill box) handy and immediately toss anything you know you don't want. Every ~5-10 years, repeat the exercise, tossing anything that has diminished below "keep" status with the passage of time. There's no way to not have anything stored; that's part of our nature as humans. So, the idea is that you always have stuff stored away, neatly, in some convenient place, and easy to move if you happen to relocate, but the amount of stuff is roughly constant (new stuff replaces the old stuff).