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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Davide, and to our community here on DR Hermann
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    help with cut between two diamonds

    moved as requested
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    Pricescope Biased?

    I should create a group here on DiamondReview for all those banned PS people! Any interest in that?
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    Pricescope Biased?

    Not here. See Forum Rules. If you (or any other poster for that matter) feel attacked, just report the post (click the "Report" link at the bottom of the post). I prioritize reviewing all reports quickly and taking action when warranted.
  5. hermann

    Pricescope Biased?

    The difference is that I (the owner of the corporation that runs this site) largely stay out of conversations and really have no agenda whatsoever related to the industry, other than to provide a useful venue to consumers and jewelers alike, while making enough money to cover the costs of running the site, including compensating me for my time to maintain it. We don't sell anything here (including idealscopes or other similar tools). My rule of thumb has always been: Profitable or not, if it's not useful to both consumers and jewelers alike, then it doesn't belong on DiamondReview. That's the reason we don't allow banner advertising. The only banner-like advertising allowed is the coupon feature, which I view as being useful to consumers. This site has been running for 14 years now, so we even though we're not the biggest, we must be doing something right!
  6. Hmmm I'll look into this. Thx for the heads up.
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    Buying From A Local Jeweler

    whoa, congrats neil!!!
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    Are These Good Deals? Need Some Help!

    DiamondClassic: Please read the Forum Rules. There's a link at the top of the Forum pages labeled "Forum Rules" for your convenience. Your message posted yesterday is in violation of the rules, with regard to self-promotion. The outbound link to your original message has been edited out. All further discussion on this thread must be to answer the Original Poster's questions/discussion, and not to debate who broke what rules, etc. Thank you.
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    Kissing Diamonds (Tm)

    Moved to The Rock and deleted duplicate posting
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    Newbie Needing Some Help

    Moved to "The Rock"
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    Stunning 1 Ct Princess F Vvs1

    nobody called you a dealer or not. those were your words. my gripe was your own self-contradiction. it's not cool at all on this site to have hidden agendas, motivations, affiliations, and so on. in any case this sounds like a corner case. go ahead and repost if you'd like. and please be clear and upfront. have a good weekend
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    Stunning 1 Ct Princess F Vvs1

    Says here you're a dealer. You posted this on Sept 23, 2011: http://www.diamondreview.com/forum/topic/7614-fair-cut-that-looks-amazing-dont-know-what-to-do/
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    Stunning 1 Ct Princess F Vvs1

    Are you a dealer? Dealer's aren't supposed to post here.
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    Welcome! (Read First)

    Welcome to DiamondReview.com! We've put together a concise guide for getting the most out of this website. Check it out here: http://www.diamondreview.com/misc/welcome
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    Advice Needed On 0.46Ct. Round Brilliant

    bmw, welcome to diamond review. neil, thx for the heads up :-)
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    Over My Head....resetting Diamonds

    What happened? Let me know if you think the issue is with the site.
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    Tiffany Platinum Diamond Ring For Sale

    Yep, please use the "report" button at the bottom of each post. It's quick & convenient, and we do read each and every report we receive.
  19. Hi all, To discourage spammers, outbound links are now disabled for casual users/guests. Such users can still post a link in plain format; it just won't be clickable (if you want to follow such a link, "cut & paste" it onto your browser address bar). This is a blow to spammers, who just love peppering the internet with links to their websites in order to boost search-engine rankings. That's not to say they still won't spam, it's just that their efforts will be even more useless. "Verified Jewelers", along with a new class of members "Verified Members", will continue to be able to post outbound links. Starting immediately, this now includes within your signature line, your profile, your posts, and just about anywhere else you'd like. However, please avoid the temptation to use this privilege strictly for SEO like the spammers do (for example, linking a generic keyword such as "diamonds" to your website)... that's not fair to the other Verified Jewelers/Members, it's spam, and you'll get yourself banned. I still haven't gone through the membership list to review all members that should be upgraded to "Verified Member". If by the middle of next week you're not a Verified Member but think you should be, please contact me or the other moderator (Laurie) for consideration. Have a great weekend! Hermann
  20. I applaud Bidz for stepping up. Better late than never, IMHO. Besides, it's entirely likely Bidz didn't even know these threads existed, even though they were posted 3+ years ago. No business is perfect. There's no way every single sale to every single customer will be 100% perfect. Acknowledging and apologizing for mistakes, proactively making changes to business processes/policies to improve customer satisfaction, and then openly explaining the changes in a transparent and open manner is exactly the right way to respond.
  21. Beautiful rings! Best of luck selling them
  22. hermann

    How To Get Free Advice On A Particular Diamond.

    Hi Neil, great post. Pinned to the top of "The Rock". I'll lock it in a few days.
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    Feedback & Tech Support

    Davide is correct. Unfortunately we had to disable the PM system due to spamming. UPDATE: The PM system is re-enabled, but with restrictions to control spam.
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    Blue Nile / Union Diamond Oval Diamond Cut Grades

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that a "search" box is tops on the list of upcoming fixes/improvements. We did a forum upgrade about a year ago, and somehow the search box got dropped... I know, so much for "improvements", LOL. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!
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    Happy Spring Holiday

    Hi Laurie, ditto to you and to everyone else here in our little community! Not sure what to call what I celebrate these days :-), but this afternoon will be filled with family and close friends... at the end of the day, that's what counts!