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    Need Advice>First Time Diamond Buyer

    Moved to The Rock
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    Gelin Abaci Ring

    styurk, I have deleted all of your other repetitive posts on the other threads. Please don't do that again; you only need to post once, on your original thread, or on a brand new thread. Thank you.
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    Enchanted Cut Score

    Thread locked due to Forum Rules violations. Joshua: You are now under public notice that if you commit any further Forum Rules violations, you will be removed from the forum, and Enchanted's diamonds will be removed from the Diamond Finder effective November 1st. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Hermann
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    Hearts And Arrows

    Duplicate threads merged
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    Fake Or Real

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    Ask Us Anything - Owners Of Enchanted Diamonds

    Ok boys & girls, the time has come. This thread is now locked.
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    What Is A Fair Price For This Diamond? (Gia Attached)

    You are correct. I have sent a note to the folks at Enchanted Diamonds. They are new to our community and are getting up to speed on our norms & rules. As a reminder, our Forum Rules are here: http://www.diamondreview.com/misc/forumrules
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    Ask Us Anything - Owners Of Enchanted Diamonds

    Hi everyone, Yes it's time to cool it down a bit. It's ok to disagree, but please do so nicely. Other than the bit of flaming, this is an excellent discussion. Please don't force me to lock/delete the thread. It's ok for ronk15a not to tell us who s/he "works for" (if anyone). It's also ok for the folks at Enchanted not to disclose their proprietary formula for determining cut grading. FWIW, I would compare the topic of diamond cut grading to religion or politics. Never bring them up at a dinner party, or things won't end up nicely... :-)
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    Sorry to chime in on this discussion so late. It's been on my to-do since you posted it, Neil. I am totally on the fence on the EGL issue. I think the core issue is the difference between EGL-I, EGL-USA, etc. In my opinion, they really goofed up with the trademarks, giving totally different labs essentially the same name. To make matters worse, when Diamond Review receives stone listings from vendors, we typically don't have any way of distinguishing which EGL they come from, hence why we only allow the generic "EGL" for all EGLs, which admittedly leads to even more confusion. I mean seriously, how confusing is the self-contradictory "EGL-USA" name?!?!!!! The reason I hesitate to remove all of the EGL stones from this site at this time, is because of the industry's heavy current investment in EGL certs. There are lots and lots of EGL-certed stones out there, and I for one can't get behind the notion of forcing everyone to re-certify their entire inventories, just so they can list them here or elsewhere. Maybe Martin Rapaport can, we'll see :-). If the industry moves away from EGL certs, then Diamond Review will follow suit. For now, it's too soon to tell what will happen. My guess is that the EGLs will wake up, fix the confusing trademark problems, and then we can move right along to other issues.
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    Tapatalk Or Other Android Apps

    Hmmm how about if we change the label on the filter from "exc" to "ideal/exc", and have that setting include both "ideal" and "excellent" stones. Seems like a simple/obvious solution, and I'm wondering if we thought of that option before and discarded it for some reason? Any recollection? As for blanks, keep same behavior. Thoughts?
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    Tapatalk Or Other Android Apps

    Yes, as intended, for better or for worse. Since the GIA cut grade system does not include an "ideal" grade, we decided it would not be fair to include it in the filter selection, because it would unfairly filter out "excellent" GIA stones (which could be rated "ideal" under AGS). We do allow the cut grade to be listed as "ideal" (on AGS stones only), so if someone wants to view them, they would leave the Cut grade filter alone, check the AGS filter, and then sort by Cut grade (which *does* support "ideal"). I know it's confusing but it's the best we could do given the lack of standardization between AGS and GIA for cut grades.
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    Tapatalk Or Other Android Apps

    Not at this time. It is a great idea though, I will add it to the want-list! Thanks!!
  13. For security reasons, you can't embed PDFs directly into a post. However, if you have a PDF tool such as the full Adobe Acrobat or FoxIt Phantom (an inexpensive alternative to Adobe that I use and love), you can probably export the PDF to an image format such as PNG or GIF, and post that here.
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    New Diamondfinder Launched

    Hi everyone, A new version of the DiamondFinder has been launched. It's still in "beta" meaning there are a few more things to follow (including a full design cleanup), and especially that I need your help finding bugs, quirks, problems, etc. Please post them here, send them privately, send a carrier pigeon... whichever way is easiest! Your feedback is deeply appreciated. Thanks Hermann
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    A Question

    It depends. We welcome non-commercial postings in the Classifieds section. "Non-commercial" means you don't sell jewelry on a regular basis for a living. If you're a jeweler, then please click on the link labeled "Info for Jewelers" located near the bottom right of the website.
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    Post moved to "The Rock"
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    How A Fully Handmade Ring Is Made - Photo Essay

    Beautiful work, and great job documenting it, step-by-step!! This is exactly the type of content I'd love to include in the "Tutorials" section once I get around to cleaning it up. With your permission, I can do that (with attribution to you of course).
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    A Quick Hello From A New Member

    Welcome Felix!
  19. hermann

    A Quick Hello From A New Member

    Welcome to the site!
  20. No question the "big three" will eventually dominate. The interesting part for an investor is the path to get there. It may very well be by acquisition/rollup of a bunch of small players that may be attractive speculative stocks in the interim. In addition, there are equipment/suppliers as you mentioned... in any industry, those guys always make money. There are a couple of very small (currently listed in the OTC) companies dabbling in indoors-growth technologies.
  21. Today I started dabbling in investing in marijuana stock. Any ideas?
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    Issue With Mobile Rendering

    I believe this is a known issue with the forum software used here. I plan to perform an upgrade sometime this month.
  23. Happy New Year all! This thread moved to "Community" section. I hail from the great State of Washington, and even though I'm not a user myself, I'm proud to live in such a socially progressive state.
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    Need Help For Wedding Anniversary Gift

    Hi Design It Jewels, Welcome to the forum!
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    Jared's Galleria Of Jewelry

    Um, Diamond Girl, are you affiliated with Jared (or the Signet Corp) in any way? If so, it would be polite to point this out. BTW - I believe that the S-L1 you refer to is a naive reading of SI1 interpreting the capital "I" as a lowercase "l"... Not just polite, but required under the Forum Rules. The forum rules can be conveniently found along the top of this page, in white type with blue background, labeled "Forum Rules". Please let me know if you have any questions. Again, welcome to Diamond Review.